You could call these "white plastic cubes" but we prefer to call them "happy trays" because it's so great to have an unlimited number of arrangements for any drawer that holds small parts such as a desk drawer, a kitchen utensil drawer or junk drawer. These inexpensive solutions snap together so they don't slide around in the drawer and separate, thereby wasting space. Some other uses: crafts, pharmacy samples or garage workbench.

Item SKU: B681W

Dimensions: 3.00"L x 3.00"W x 2.00"H



We are in love with these drawer organizers, and we think you will love them too.  The clear resipreme with ribbing detail is neat and classy looking in any drawer.  And the ultimate detail: the polished chrome feet are surrounded by non-skid rubber to prevent slipping and sliding no matter how many times you slam your drawer shut!  (Finally, right?) All organizers are 2" deep.  Select individual size below; nestle together in your drawer for a truly custom organization solution.    Available sizes:   3.2"W x 3.2"L x 2"D
3.2"W x 6.4"L x 2"D
3.2"W x 9.8"L x 2"D
3.2"W x 12.8"L x 2"D
6.4"W x 6.4"L x 2"D
6"W x 9"L x 2"D
6"W x 12"L x 2"D
6"W x 15"L x 2"D




A truly custom solution for organizing a desk, jewelry or sliverware drawer. Each package has 4 clear acrylic strips that are trimmable to create any array of partitions using the included self-adhesive strips to attach the ends. 

4 divider strips 1", 2", 3", or 4" in height and 24" in length
Includes 20 holders with self-stick adhesive. Additional holders sold separately in packs of 8



Spectrum’s Stacking Tray is a multi-functional, smart storage solution for any room in the home. Its modular design allows multiple units to be stacked, maximizing storage space. A scooped front opening gives you easy access to stored items. Available in three sizes that can be endlessly customized to meet your specific needs. Ideal for organizing kitchen, office and bathroom items. Handles allow for easy transportation. Made of sturdy steel. Each basket sold separately.…



Running out of counter space when baking your holiday cookies? No matter how big your kitchen is, when you fill it with family, love & laughter, you're almost guaranteed to run out of space! Free up swaths of counter space with a bakers cooling rack. The four folding tiers are optional so if you have a tall bundt cake, it will fit too. And our favorite part? It folds COMPLETELY flat making storage (that thing we're obsessed with?) a complete no-brainer. Your cabinets and your counter tops will thank you for this one.  We have been using this at home for a while now and can assure you, it's steady, durable and a valuable space saver. Metal. Matte black finish.…



This Folding Lap Desk allows you to work anywhere more comfortably, and is an excellent kid's lap desk for use at home or on long car rides and road trips. Featuring a flip-top lid that opens up to give way to a generously sized storage compartment that's great for writing utensils, notepads, games, and more, this storage lap desk is constructed from sturdy high impact plastic and features folding legs for compact, convenient storage and easy carrying. …



Recharge your daily electronics neatly and peaceful and have other necessary related items stored nearby.  Have easily at hand everything you need to take messages and make lists without all the clutter often wrought by stray pens, pencils, paper scraps and tell tale cords.   Dimensions: 12"L x 12"W x 6"H…



Maximize your drawer space with this innovative expandable organizer, which can be used in kitchens, offices, craft rooms, or anywhere smaller items need to be compartmentalized. It extends lengthwise from 15 inches to 20 inches to accommodate longer drawers. Offering 5 compartments at its smallest, the organizer adds a sixth compartment when expanded. Designed with a non-skid base, the organizer won't easily slip and shift in drawers or on desktops. White in color, it's made from durable polypropylene. It measures 10-1/8 inches wide and 2-1/4 inches tall. To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth.…



This customizable utility organizer is perfect for neatly organizing miscellaneous items with 5 adjustable dividers. This unique organizer includes a removable charging caddy that easily holds up to 3 electronic chargers and the removable tray neatly organizes small objects. It's non skid base prevents the organizer from sliding in the drawer. White in color, it's made from polypropylene, and has a much more substantial feel than most organizers on the market. It measures 12" wide by 16" deep by 2-3/4" high.…



Household Essentials Iron n Fold Floor-Standing Cabinet Ironing Board helps make ironing easy to do and less of a hassle. The attractive white cabinet foldaway ironing board stands on the floor and has the look of a built-in unit making it a great option for laundry rooms large closets and even kitchens It sits flush against the wall thanks to the 8.5-inch cutout that fits over baseboards easily. Best of all installation is simply: just screw into the studs of the wall. No cutting or fancy measuring required This floor-standing cabinet ironing board mounts to the wall not in it. The ironing board itself is steel mesh making it hardy and perfect for steam irons. The ironing board is wheelchair accessible. Its height adjusts from above or below so it is comfortable to use standing or seated. That simple feature makes this board perfect for seniors too If you want perfectly pressed clothes but don't want the hassles of maneuvering and ironing board than this cabinet ironing board is for you. Trim and sleek it keeps a steel-top ironing board close at hand without making a room look cluttered. The ironing board cabinet is 48.5 inches high 18.5 inches wide and 5.375 inches deep the steel top ironing surface is 41 inches long x 14.125 inches wide. The door needs 36 inches of side clearance to open fully. PATENT NO. 9119467…