Our Cabo Baskets could be used at the local Newspaper for displaying the fresh catch of the day, but they will serve just as nicely to hold fruits, breads or decorative objects of nature in your own home. Decorate your life with us!

Key Product Features:

  • Refreshing Style
  • Small/ Medium
Item SKU: 8758951

Dimensions: 16.10"L x 12.00"W x 5.30"H



This superbly handcrafted Euro Collection Magazine Basket organizes your home or office and helps to keep your periodicals neat and tidy. Designed for attractive simplicity, this holder features an open design and comes equipped with 2 convenient handles for easy portability. This bin holds any standard sized magazine, newspaper and book and is so attractive you'll want to keep it out in the open for all to see. The sturdy metal construction and elegant chrome finish ensure that this holder will beautify your home or office for many years to come. A perfect magazine rack ideal for small spaces so it will fit just about anywhere. The Euro Magazine Basket doesn't take up a lot of space and will keep your current issues of your favorite magazines always ready to read. Keep your clutter down and organize your magazines.    5.5 x 15.1 x 12.2 inches…



Sort magazines, mail, folders and catalogs with our Mesh Basket Ladder. It can also be used to store craft supplies or small toys. It features three roomy baskets and comes with hardware for mounting to a wall. Mount it in the back hall as a family mail center or in the bathroom for those who like to read...a lot. Use in the office or den, craft room or kid's room. Comes assembled.   10.2 x 3.3 x 37 inches   …



Clear up precious desk space with the Wall Mount 3 Tier File Holder. Functional and stylish, the wall mount holder features three tiers for ample storage to remove files and other paperwork off your desk. This practical accessory also doubles as a magazine rack and will look great in the family room or kitchen. The file sorter includes matching screws for a complete and coordinated look. Made of sturdy steel, its clean design adds a modern touch to any room. …



Our Cabo Baskets could be used at the local Newspaper for displaying the fresh catch of the day, but they will serve just as nicely to hold fruits, breads or decorative objects of nature in your own home. Decorate your life with us!…



Our Hand-Woven Water Hyacinth baskets are made from harvested water-hyacinth reeds that clog the rivers and waterways of Thailand. We grab, curate, and dry these reeds into long sturdy strands to form beautifully hand-woven baskets. This reed is special because the color will slowly change into a golden bronze as time passes.  We enjoy this product so much, we decided you should too with two in one order! Small- 12 x 12 x 12 Large- 13 x 13 x 13…



When the mail, homework, or files from work stack up, it's easy to lose track of whatever happened to be at the bottom. Try these Mesh Wall Pockets Organizer to avoid that occasional "Ohhhh, I forgot about this!" and the resulting "Uh oh..." Though this serves well as its main purpose, a magazine rack, use this wall file organizer to sort mail between you and your roommates. Try it as a way to prioritize classwork (gotta start somewhere). Or, use it for shelving other knick knacks, like scrapbooking paper, photos, and, well, other paper-related items. Mesh Wall Pockets have the versatility to suit any lifestyle, the simplicity to be stylish, and the ease of installation for even the least handiest person! Comes assembled.   12.2"w x 4"d x 37"h inches …



This Seagrass side by side magazine rack has an interior divider that creates two compartments to hold all of your favorite magazines. The rack features a sturdily woven contemporary design and a built-in handle for easy carrying. The Seagrass side by side magazine rack will enhance your décor either all on its own or when grouped with other Seagrass items from   Keep all of your magazines wrinkle-free and off your countertops with this seagrass side by side magazine rack. The rack features high sides to keep all of your favorite print publications from flopping out of place and onto the floor. This rack also works great in offices to corral catalogs, manuals, files, and memos and keep your desktop free of clutter and ready for work. A perfect fit for any space, this rack is a nice addition to your living room, bedroom, or bathroom – or just about anywhere you open mail, read, or work. The quality construction gives the seagrass side by side magazine rack extra stability to stand up to even your bulkiest print manuals for fast, simple, and gorgeous storage. Add one to every room of your home or office and liberate your crowded workspace, table tops, and shelving for other uses.    Details: Seagrass side by side magazine rack. Interior divider creates two compartments. Contemporary design. Sturdily woven. Built-in handle for easy carrying.   Color: Natural   Dimensions:  13”h x 17”w x 9.5”d…



Store and display magazines and other reading materials with the decorative Scroll Wall Mount Magazine Rack. This magazine holder is ideal for a bathroom, waiting room, or office and has a contemporary style that transforms a messy pile of magazines, catalogs and newspapers into an accent piece in any decor. …



Organize all your magazines, catalogs, newspapers with great panache with the Mesh Wall Works Organizer! Featuring a contemporary style, this large sorting rack has a mesh construction that ensures durability for years. The beautifully curved slots make effective storage space for the display of magazines, mails or letters, as well as papers. Arranged in a cascading fashion, the mesh magazine holder allows for easy visibility and accessibility of the stored items. At only 4 1/2" deep, it hugs the wall making it a great family mail sorter in a back hall or a file rack in an office. No assembly required.   30 3/4" H x 12 1/2" W x 4 1/2" D …



A classic approach to organizing any work environment. This sturdy box covered in heavy, black twill will easily corral magazines, files, notes and pads. It's hardboard construction stands straight and tall and the label holder on the front provides easy visualization of what's inside. This price represents an exceptional value at less than half the price of the competition. Size: 4"w x 10"d  x 11"h…



This clever organizer conveniently stores magazines, books, supplies, and more! Hooks over the door simply, so you can move it where you need it. Great for home, office, dorms, anywhere you need it!    1 large pocket, 1 medium and 2 small.  the large front pocket measurements are:  12" wide x 9" deep 3 chrome hooks for added hanging. Easy over the door installation;mounting hooks included. Color: Black & Silver. Measures: 32"tall x 14"wide. …



Our Cabo Baskets could be used at the local pescaderia for displaying the fresh catch of the day, but they will serve just as nicely to hold fruits, breads or decorative objects of nature in your own home.…



Made of sturdy metal, this fantastic Double Wire Wall Mount Magazine Rack is great in the kitchen, office, den, or bathroom. The easy wall mount installation allows you to keep your magazines, newspapers and books out of the way yet close at hand.    Size 12-7/16-inch H by 12-7/8 W by 4-inch D…



Here’s a fresh concept for the new Millennial Generation. Rustic and industrial. From the minds of our designers, hand woven wire creates these functional and nostalgic accessories. Finished in a rust-proof lacquer and suitable for years of ANY use.…