Solutions Small Hooks is a 2-pack of the Solutions Small Hook a chrome hanging hook attached to a strong suction cup with patented dual-action suction technology that supports up to 15 lbs. The Solutions range boasts a large selection of accessories that are not only practical but also sleek and stylish--with a beautiful chrome finish. Store organize and create with Solutions designed to suit each need. They are easy to install with no tools no drilling and no surface damage. Removable and reusable on non-porous surfaces they create instant upgrades and versatile options for DIYers renters and people who change their mind The chrome Solutions small hook is 1.57 inches high 3.35 inches wide and 3.15 inches deep.…



Two hangers.  Household Essentials's Inflatable Hangers end forever unsightly shoulder bulge caused by standard hangers!  Protect your favorite blouses, sweaters, and shirts with the Inflatable Hanger.  This innovative development in clothing care cushions your garments with a pillow of air (so you can stop pointing with your shoulder).  The swivel hook design gives you freedom of movement and its rust free construction provides all around protection.  So whether you are at home or traveling, wear that sweater right off the Household Essentials's Inflatable Hangers No one will ever know. Dimensions: 
9.5h x 17.5w x 4d inch
24.1 x 44.4 x 10.1 cm 



Available in the same Slate & Beach fabric, to match the entire ENGAGE collection.
14” deep and come in 15”, 18”, 24”, perfectly sized to fit into the 18”, 24”, 30” closet sections.
At 7.5” tall, fits perfectly on the top shelf of an 86” high closet, given an 8ft ceiling.…



A sophisticated bulk storage solution specifically designed for the closet
Fully lined fabric basket with a deep divider and rigid wooden base
Dividers are lined with the Engage fabric, creating a luxurious space
The 204 mm (8”) deep basket is large enough to organize but not too deep to lose things
18” width supplied with one divider, 24” and 30” supplied with two dividers
Dividers can be set at any spacing required - 100% customizable compartments
Features Includes full extension, soft closing, undermount slides
Height (8 15/16") 227 mm
Depth (13 7/8") 353 mm
Material Frame: Aluminum, Drawer: Fabric
Supplied with
Full extension, soft close undermount slides



The best way to store boots is upside down! that makes the OTD shoe rack boot rack the perfect choice! colorful and lightweight, this shoe and boot organizer stores 9 pairs of shoes and 3 pairs of boots! it hangs on standard residential or commercial doors for a smarter use of space, too. This hanging boot rack has adjustable slides so boots can be spaced out, giving wide boots more space and ankle boots less! it holds ankle boots, calf boots, and knee boots easily. Boots fit over a plastic loop that rests against the interior sole of the boot when hanging. This means pressure is placed only where it would be if the boot were being worn! this allows gravity to naturally shape the boot's leg for crinkle-free boot storage. No pressing. No clip marks. Damage free boot storage for your favorite boots! and with 3 tiers for shoes, too, it's the perfect way to organize your footwear-andd wear your favorites all year long. This shoe rack boot rack is 55.9 high x 27.16 wide x 5.12 deep inches.…



The perfect solution for shoes to utilize depth and make shoes easy to access. 18” holds up to 6 pairs, 24” holds up to 9 pairs, 30” up to 12 pairs & 36” up to 15 pairs Comes with specially designed Sandal Clips to turn the front row into sandal storage. Height (7 1/2") 190 mm Depth (13 7/8") 352 mm Material Aluminum Supplied with Full extension, Soft Close, undermount slides Sandal Clips: 4 for 18”, 6 for 24”, 8 for 30”, 10 for 36"…



Household Essentials Round Soft-Side Burlap Basket is charming alternative to storage boxes, hampers, and plastic totes! This soft-sided basket stands up on its own and stays open. It has 2 short handles, making it easy to carry in hand or on the hip. The burlap basket hamper is lined with a soft fabric, so it won’t snag what it holds. Perfect as a personal hamper. Convenient to keep by the door to gather everything you need to carry to the car in the morning. Great for fast clean up and hauling things up or down the stairs. This round burlap basket is 12 inches high x 16.92 inches wide x 16.92 inches deep. Dimensions (inches):
12 H x 16.92 W x 16.92 D …



Household Essentials Round Soft-Side Burlap Hamper is a personal sized hamper that comfortably holds 1-2 loads of laundry. This soft-sided hamper stands up on its own and holds its shape. Its round top is 15.5 inches in diameter and it is 18.5 inches high, tapering to a slightly narrower base. The hamper has a printed fabric exterior with an artful leaf print and burlap trim. A soft fabric lining won’t snag what it holds. Perfect as a personal hamper and equally useful as a blanket basket or catch-all.  Dimensions (inches):
18.5 H x 15.5 W x 15.5 D …



Household Essentials Rectangular Krush Tote is the one and only Krush®: a durable canvas bag with a water resistant vinyl lining that is truly ready for any task.  Geometric design makes this a very fashionable bag. Whether lugging groceries, laundry, or beach paraphernalia, you are well equipped with this sturdy tote.  Ideal for home, dorm, travel, and more, simply pull open the bag and form into shape.  When finished, Krush it down—useful and highly entertaining. Dimensions:
13 inches high x 22 inches wide x 11 inches deep…