HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Cotton Clothesline 2 Pack is a sturdy clothesline made of natural cotton fibers. The smooth line won't snag clothes or damage delicate material. Perfectly sized for running clotheslines, this 2 x 100' of 3/16" natural cotton cord lets you take full advantage of the warmer months. Use extra length to tie up your tomato plants and everyone is happy.

This versatile cotton clothesline even makes a great emergency rope to keep in the car!…



20 foot retractable clothesline can be used indoor or out and is easily wall mounted. Product is rust resistant. Wall mount has a bottom hook that will hold a variety of clothespin bags.
  Assembled dimensions: 8.38x2.25x6.25 Inches x 20 Feet Convenient, Line dry no electricity used Easy To Use - Easy Assembly Color: white …



Designed for use with the 5-Line Retractable Dryer (sold separately), the 3-Piece Post Assembly makes it simple to hang your clothesline anywhere you want it! Made of heavy gauge galvanized 2-inch steel, this post fits snugly together for maximum strength, stands at 84 inches (7 feet), and comes with nuts and bolts sized for a receiver bracket.  With precision wedged ends for added rigidity, a ground sleeve for simpler installation, and a plastic post cap for attractiveness, this post is the answer to setting up your clothesline where you want it., not where the tree just happens to be.  This single post measures 85 inches high, 2 inches wide, and 2 inches deep (2-inch diameter).

Assembly Pole + 2 screws for mounting receiver bracket
Alternate hardware for particular surfaces may be purchased at your local or specialty hardware store.
Clothesline post for Household Essentials 5-Line Retractable Clothesline (when other surfaces are unavailable)
Heavy gauge galvanized 2-inch steel post fits together snugly for maximum strength
Precision swaged ends for added rigidity
Comes complete with nuts and bolts for receiver bracket (included in 15-7), ground sleeve, and plastic post cap
85 inches high, 2 inches wide, and 2 inches deep (2-inch diameter) Color: Silver…



HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS 5-Line Retractable Clothesline System includes Household Essentials 5-Line Retractable Clothesline (15-7) and Single Post Assembly (42-0).  The 5-Line unit measures 6.5 inches high, 36.5 inches wide, and 8 inches deep--but it extends to 34 feet and provides a massive 170 feet of drying space.  The Post Assembly is 84 inches high with a 2 inch diameter.  With all this, you have everything you need to get started air-drying your clothing and linens. The retractable clothesline mounts to a stationary vertical surface. The post assembly is the second anchor, the piece you set up to hold your clothesline when you are ready to hang your clothes out to dry. This retractable system releases easily for smooth retraction into a protective aluminum case that keeps the line dry and clean. A tightening knob keeps lines taut and tangle free.  It's the complete system so you can start saving money by and enjoying the freshness of line drying. Set Includes: 5-Line Dryer + 2 lag screws for mounting (to wood) Receiver Bracket Post Assembly + 2 screws for mounting receiver bracket (to post) …



T-Post for 5-Line Outdoor Clothes Drying, White. Attractive and eco-friendly, this powder-coated steel outdoor drying T-post is durable and rust-resistant. Permanently installed, the 3-inch diameter post provides stability for heavy loads and strength against the elements. Attach up to 5 lines to the substantial 45-inch cross arm. Embed in cement to install post; string your clothesline; knot and tighten with the included eyehooks and it's ready for use. Designed for post-to-wall installation; attach two or more T-posts for a free standing system. 

Size: Post: 3 Diameter Inches; Cross arm: 45 Inches; Line Height: 6 Feet; Lines: 5
Color: White powder coated steel
Assembly and Installation required.…



Embrace the feel of the beautiful outdoors for your laundry with this 5-Line Retractable Dryer.  Benefiting from natures energy, clothes and linens dry naturally on a massive 170' of line space.  This 5-line system extends to 34' and releases easily for smooth retraction into a protective aluminum case that keeps the line dry and clean.  A tightening knob keeps lines taut and tangle free.  Its lightweight and heavy-duty construction make this full size retractable line perfect for outdoor or indoor use.  Mount it on a wall outdoors, in the garage or basement, or on the porch.  Be environmentally and economically intentional and delight in the freshness of line-dried laundry.  Go on—make Grandma proud.   Details: Light weight and heavy duty construction, use indoors or outdoors.  Aluminum casing keeps clothesline clean and dry.  Large knob keeps lines taut and tangle free.  Smaller knob locks clothesline and releases easily for retraction.  Can be mounted on a wall outdoors, in the garage, basement or laundry room.  Extends to 34'. Provides 170' of drying space.   Dimensions: 6.5"l x 36.5"w x 8"d 16.5cm x 92.7cm x 20.3cm     Tips: Dryer can be mounted on a wall outdoors, in the garage or basement, on the porch. …



Air dry clothes in your laundry room, bathroom or outside on a balcony with this 6-line retractable clothesline from Honey-Can-Do. Each of the 6 lines measures 12' in length for a total of 72' of drying space. Best of all, the nylon lines are strong yet easy to clean for years of worry-free use.
• automatically retracting line
• 72 linear feet of drying space
• 6 sturdy nylon lines
16.5 in L x 2.75 in W x 2.25 in H…



Household Essentials 50ct Wood Clothespins reminds Grandma of the clothespins she would know and love These updated classics are as reliable and trustworthy as ever. And because they are made from real wood they age attractively giving your line a timeless feel. With their easy to use smooth spring action and strong grip your laundry and linens are secure. Use them for crafts and activities as bag clips and to narrow your nose (not really - you need strait clothespins for that). Whatever your need these classic wood clothespins will meet it.…



Household Essentials 96ct Wood Clothespins reminds Grandma of the clothespins she would know and love These updated classics are as reliable and trustworthy as ever. And because they are made from real wood they age attractively giving your line a timeless feel. With their easy to use smooth spring action and strong grip your laundry and linens are secure. Use them for crafts and activities as bag clips and to narrow your nose (not really - you need strait clothespins for that). Whatever your need these classic wood clothespins will meet it.…



Yes, a lot of us still use clothespins. Where do you store them when not in use? This canvas bag is of sturdy construction due to a wire frame. Great for metal, wooden or plastic clothespins. Includes a hook to hang the bag on the line keeping it close in hand. Drying on a line saves on your power bill. It also prevents shrinkage and fading due to high dryer temperatures. Take it easy on your clothes and on you! …



Household Essentials's Aluminum Clothesline Tightener helps tighten a sagging clothesline. Fight the inevitable effects of gravity on your lines by fixing this tightener to them. The tightener draws the line in, tightening it without forcing you to restring. Use it with fixed line or pulley systems and never mess with burdensome knots again! Thread your line through the spring-loaded center and pull the clothesline to tighten. 3 ball bearings grip your line keeping it taut and the spring action center prevents it from slipping. Say no to sag and yes to Household Essentials's Aluminum Clothesline Tightener.…



The Household Essentials® Plastic Clothesline Spreader gets rid of tangles clotheslines. Designed for use with pulley systems, this plastic spreader keeps lines untangles and features polypropylene wheels and frame that prevent wear on your line. The lightweight plastic is weather resistant and won't cause undue sagging, so your line stays taut and untangled. Hang laundry without the bother of first unknotting your line thanks to the simple, but effective, Plastic Clothesline Spreader.  Now you can find some other use for those precious minutes (or hours, depending on wind conditions).…



Household Essentials's Clothesline with Jumbo Clips let you stop draping drying clothes over door handles and backs of chairs. Inside or outside turn small corners or wide open spaces into drying spots with this elastic Clothesline with Jumbo Clips. Attach it between trees (it stretches up to 8 ft) hang it over the kitchen sink or run it over the bathtub for a convenient drip dry Its jumbo clips able to slide the full length of line (depending upon how you wind it of course) grip securely. And since this elastic line won't snag even your delicates have a safe place to hang. So go on stretch your mind and your clothesline.…



When space is at a premium, this is the air dryer you choose. The Siena 180 Aluminum Drying Rack is lightweight and surprisingly compact. Made of high quality aluminum, this sturdy rack folds into a slim package the fits discreetly behind the door or between the washer and dryer.
  The Siena Air Dryer is no lightweight when it comes to drying. This remarkable dryer can hold up to two loads of laundry! Its flat top design with wings make it space-saving when folded down and spacious when hung with clothes. Tilted wings also ensure that even longer garments have a place to dry.
  Rust resistant and easy to put up and take down, this air dryer is ideal for drying clothing, linens, and more inside and outside. With a sturdy X stance, this air dryer might well become one of your favorite appliances. From the once a week wash to the daily chore, find what you need in air drying from this winged wonder of an air dryer.
Siena 180 Aluminum Laundry Drying Rack Details: Air Dryer Environmentally friendly Holds up to 2 loads of laundry Flat and angled surfaces for drying Made of high quality Aluminum Extremely lightweight—weighs only 4.4 pounds Indoor/outdoor use Folds for storage Rust resistant
Dimensions: 44”h x 21.6”w x 70”d …



Elegance and nature unite again in this beautiful Bamboo dryer.  Made entirely of naturally vibrant bamboo, this stunningly simple dryer boasts up to 25' of drying space—ample room for delicates, towels, bedding, and anything else that could benefit from a little fresh air.  It folds compactly for easy storage, though its understated elegance may keep it out of the closet.   Dimensions:
42.125”h x 29”w x 14.125”d
107cm x 73.7cm x 35.9cm…



Nothing is beyond air drying with the Gullwing Air Dryer.  Its unique wing-like design allows clothes to hang dry or lie flat, so practically everything can find a place.  25 stainless steal rods provide an enormous 44' of drying space.  With 8 shoehorns below, even your sneakers will be sparkling.  Fold it up for easy storage, fully confident that this wingspan has you covered.   Dimensions:
39”h x 61.6”w x 25.5”d
99cm x 156.5cm x 64.8cm…



Household Essentials Hang 'n Dry Plastic Clothespins drip dry wet clothes anywhere. This combination hanging hook and clothespin fits over lines and dowels. The plastic pin boasts a tight grip so wet clothes hang securely. Hang delicates and swimwear in the bathtub. Keep pool towels off the floor Perfect for travel these clothespins let you leave anything out to dry Even without a clothesline. Take them on business trips to hang for sink laundered clothing or to the pool to keep dry clothes out of the water line. Wherever you go you can put these pins to work.…



If you don't own any of these handy gizmos, you should. Sometimes, less is more.For hang drying stockings and underwear, these are uncomplicated and the perfect solution.They take up no space at all and can hang from your shower rod. Plastic clothespin has a hook end. Set of 6.

5" Long…



Make way for the grandest innovation in line drying since the clothesline!  The Linomatic 500 is a rotary clothes dryer that combines the technology of retractable clotheslines with the convenience of the umbrella air dryers.  It is made of aluminum and high quality plastic, so it is tough, durable, rustproof, and weather resistant—a must have for an outdoor air drying.   Closed, the sturdy clothesline is kept clean and untangled, protected from the elements by the high quality plastic arms that form the base of the umbrella dryer.  Open, the clothesline is fully extended, revealing a whopping 164’/50m of drying space.   To open the dryer, simply pull the cord at the base of the structure.  When it is time to close the retractable line, simple pinch the button and allow arms to move downward.  The line automatically retracts into the Linomatic, where it stays, once again, clean, untangled, and protected.   The Linomatic combines the best of what we love about air dryers: warm, sunny days, fresh smelling clothes, energy saving and environmentally conscious sensibilities.  And it solves air dryers’ most frustrating problems: tangled, dirty lines.  It is innovation at its best!     Details: Environmentally friendly Made of aluminum and high quality plastic Clothesline retracts inside dryer when dryer is closed  Clean and untangled lines, always Easy pull string open and push button close 164’/50m of drying space   Dimensions: 34.2”h x 65.7”w x 26”d 87cm x 167cm x 66cm …



Household Essentials Modern Floral Clothespins are set of 14 clothespins These plastic pins with 7 spring coils have a sturdy grip that won't damage delicate clothing or paper. Their painted design updates their look without sacrificing their function. In bright happy orange and pink this modern floral is as stylish as clothespins come. And of course they are rust-resistant have ridged double-grips and are easy to clean when needed. Use them on your clothesline or dryer. Create a fun and beautiful photograph display. Clip drawing or place settings along a ribbon for a unique and charming display. Clothespins are so much more than they once were. Add a touch of beauty to your home with these beautiful and still functional clothespins. The clothespin is 3.75 inches high 0.5 inches wide x 0.625 inches deep.…