Tidy shoes, hats, and t-shirts with the HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS 10-Shelf Hanging Organizer that creates instant shelves for a custom closet solution designed by you.  Originally a shoe organizer, but now much more!  Each of the 10 shelves is 4.75 inch high x 7.5 inch wide x 12 inch deep.  It makes a perfect storage organizer for closets and clothing, shoes (of course), and hats.  But it is also great for storing dry paper goods (2 paper towel rolls fit in each shelf) or creating an off-the-ground storage area for camping and picnics!  Transform any closet into smarter storage with 10 small shelves to hold just what you need without losing all of your hanging space.  This soft sided organizer is 50 inches tall (53 with hooks) x 8 inches wide x 12 inches deep.…



Household Essentials MightyStor Vacuum Bag Combo Set comes with 1 large and 1 jumbo flat bag.  The combo pack lets you vary this size of your storage bags, so you can store clothing and bedding quickly and easily.  The Large bag fits up to 12 sweaters, making it ideal for seasonal wardrobe storage or holding clothing for the next size in line.  The Jumbo bag is roomy enough for 2 king comforters and 4 pillows!  Flat bags provide quick, accessible, space-saving storage that each member of the family can take advantage of.  The bag has a sturdy zipper-slide for easy and secure close.  The bag also has a unique vacuum valve to keep air out, so your clothing stays safe and protected.  And, as always, MightyStor Vacuum Bags are air-tight, water-tight, and reusable. This 2-piece combo set of 1 large and 1 jumbo flat vacuum bag is for use with a standard vacuum hose.  The large bag measures 1 inch high, 21.7 inches wide, 35.4 inches deep; the jumbo bag measures 1 inch high, 51.2 inches wide, 35.4 inches deep.…



Household Essentials MightyStor Jumbo Flat Vacuum Bag is spacious and roomy vacuum bag.  This set comes with 2 Jumbo Flat vacuum bags.  Each is large enough for 2 king comforters and 4 pillows!  It is a bedding exchange haven so you refresh your rooms seasonally or more often.  Flat bags provide quick, accessible, space-saving storage that each member of the family can take advantage of.  The bag has a sturdy zipper-slide for easy and secure close.  The bag also has a unique vacuum valve to keep air out, so your clothing stays safe and protected.  And, as always, MightyStor Vacuum Bags are air-tight, water-tight, and reusable.  

This 2-piece set of jumbo flat vacuum bags is for use with a standard vacuum hose.  Each bag measures 1 inch high, 51.2 inches wide, 35.4 inches deep.…



Household Essentials MightyStor Large Flat Vacuum Bags help make packing up and storing your clothing and linens super easy.  This set of vacuum storage bags comes with 3 large, flat bags--the most versatile of the vacuum bags.  Each of the bags holds the equivalent of 12 sweaters.  Whether you are rotating clothing sizes from one family member to another or merely switching summer clothes for winter, flat bags provide quick, accessible, space-saving storage that each member of the family can take advantage of.  The bag has a sturdy zipper-slide for easy and secure close.  The bag also has a unique vacuum valve to keep air out, so your clothing stays safe and protected.  And, as always, MightyStor Vacuum Bags are air-tight, water-tight, and reusable.  

This 3-piece set of large flat vacuum bags is for use with a standard vacuum hose.  Each bag measures 1 inch high, 21.7 inches wide, 35.4 inches deep.…



Treat your sweaters to the fine life year round in this hanging Sweater Organizer.  Made from smooth, sturdy canvas, this durable fabric breathes, keeping your clothing fresh in season and out.  With six shelves, each supported by plastic base, and an innovative hanging system, which can be used with any standard closet rod or wire shelving system, this unit is well equipped to handle a full wardrobe.  Pamper your sweaters and other garments: encase them in nature's fibers.  Let them breathe.  …



Over the door organization gets a bright boost with Household Essentials 6-Pouch Pocket Pantry and Closet Organizer.  It makes grab-and-go sorting and organization simple and efficient thanks to its easy-access pockets and outward tapered design.  And its narrow footprint (just 15 inches wide) means it fits on narrow linen closet doors too!).  With hooks for residential (1.5 inches deep) and commercial (2 inches deep) door, its a versatile storage solution.  Each storage pocket is narrower at the base, with a top that cants out.  Snack bags, socks, wash cloths slide in and out with ease.  The long organizer has 3 shallow pockets that are 5 inches deep and 3 deeper pockets that are 7 inches deep.  Plastic side inserts and a fabric lined fiberboard base give each pocket extra support and structure.  This colorful organizer is perfect for creating extra storage in the gap right behind a closet door.  So waste less space and keep the right things in reach--in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in linen closets, bedrooms, and more, with the over-the-door 6-Pouch Pocket Pantry and Closet Organizer.…



Sometimes you just need something simple and to the point. Our blanket bag is that. A breathable canvas, zipper closure bag for a larger blanket. Add cedar blocks if you need more protection.…



Household Essentials Rectangle Soft-Side Burlap Container is a perfectly-size personal tote with midlength handles that you can hold in your hand or haul on your arm. This charming basket is soft-sided, with soft corners and sturdy sides that stand up on their own—making it a great and safe alternative to plastic storage boxes and baskets. This rectangular burlap basket bag is lined with a soft fabric, so it won’t snag what it holds. Perfect as a personal hamper. Convenient to keep by the door to gather everything you need to carry to the car in the morning. Great for fast clean up and hauling things up or down stairs. Its long rectangular shape fits perfectly on back floorboards—even in compact cars!—so you get the most haul for your space and efforts. Rectangular Soft-Side Burlap Totes are 13 inches high x 22 inches wide x 11 inches deep.  Dimensions (inches):
13 H x 22 W x 11 D …



HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Hanging Shelf Drawers transform open shelves into an instant bureau. These drawers are designed to slide into the canvas hanging shelf organizers. Perfect for those  things that are easy to loose or tend to spill out of open shelves. Keep baby clothes or diapers on hand but out of sight. Stow away seasonal socks, hats, and scarves!  Your items stay protected, accessible, and discreet, giving you the freedom to store more. Perfect for apartments, condos, and dorms--wherever dresser space is limited.  Your closet is your domain—make it the one you have always wanted. Each drawer in this 2-pack measures 7.75 inches high, 11.75 inches wide, 11.75 inches deep.…



HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Canvas Suit Bag w/ Plastic Front protects suits and jackets from dust and pests while in storage. Perfect for fine suits, wools, and jacket, this versatile garment bag lets you take care of your best clothing. Its canvas back allows for airflow, keeping stored clothes fresh. The clear plastic front piece lets you see exactly which coat is inside, so you find what you want quickly. This versatile, reusable garment bag fits on your existing hangers. It also have a full-length zipper, so jackets are easy to get in and out of it. Protect suits you wear occasionally or those you where everyday with this canvas suit bag. This garment bag measures 42 inches high and 24 inches wide.

Ideally sized for suits, sports coats, and jackets.…



HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS 2-pk. Canvas Sweater Bag is part of the soft-sided canvas collection--a perfect collection to transform and organize your home. This lovely set of 2 canvas sweater bags eases the congestion in your dresser or chest of drawers. The bags are easy to use. Each bag has a sturdy zipper that unzips along 3 sides of the bag for easy filling. Each bag also has an innovative clear top that lets you see inside the bagging without having to open it!  The bags are perfectly sized to slip onto a shelf of slide under the bed without fear of dust bunnies. The soft, sturdy blended cotton canvas is durable and breathable, protecting delicate knits from wear and snags and letting your sweaters air during storage. So no more digging through cumbersome tote! Maximize your wardrobe space and keep sweaters as nice as possible year round and ready to be enjoyed. Each bag measures 3 inches high, 14.5 inches wide, and 12.25 inches deep.…



HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Canvas Under Bed Storage Bag ends the fight with ungainly plastic totes. This sleek and compact storage bag lets you tuck your storables away with no wasted space. Its soft-sided bag design fits under low beds, making storage easier. Its smaller size also lets you store items by kind, so it's easier to find exactly what you need. It's perfect for bedding and seasonal garb!  With smooth, durable, breathable canvas, items stay fresher. And its clear plastic top lets you see exactly what's inside. So rearrange the linen closet and use that enormous shelf under your bed—begin your stylish and savvy storage revolution! The bag measures 6 inches high, 41 inches wide, and 18 inches deep.…



Household Essentials Cedarline Blanket Storage Bag protects your favorite blankets, throws, and bedding, whether they are in seasonal storage or just awaiting the next wash-cycle.  This hardy and thick canvas bag zips open and closed and has a frosted plastic top.  This blanket bag is the canvas bag only.  Cedar accessory panels (sold separately) can be used with the canvas bag as an upgrade--for better freshness and protection from moths, pests, and mildew.  The Blanket Bag, part of the Cedarline Closet Collection, fits multiple blankets, holding them securely and safely inside a smooth canvas bag.  Ideal for both longer term storage and more frequent access, the zippered, large canvas bag is convenient and easy to use. The bag can be used as an instant upgrade in your clothing care. The Cedarline Blanket Storage Bag measures 10 inches high, 26 inches wide, and 21 inches deep.

*Accessory cedar panels (25012-1 10 pk) sold separately.  This bag can be used without cedar panels as a soft-sided canvas storage bag.  Panels are an optional upgrade for added structure and protection, thanks to eastern red cedar's natural ability to repel moths, pests, and mildew.  This bag fits up to 6 panels held in place with elastic loops.…



Household Essentials 2-pk. Cedarline Sweater Storage Bag is a set of 2 thick, heavy canvas bags with a frosted plastic top and a sturdy industrial zipper.  This set of 2 bags (set includes bags only; accessory cedar panels not included) can help protect sweaters, other clothing, and linens, from dust and mess while in storage.  The bags also help clothing stay compact, saving space!  The bags are 3 inches high, 14.5 inches wide, and 12.25 inches deep, so they fit nicely on most closet shelves and even under the bed!  Canvas storage allows air to pass through, keeping stored items fresher than other storage methods.  Upgrade your storage with the heavier duty canvas of Cedarline, and then upgrade it more by purchasing the accessory cedar panels.  The optional panels (25012-1 10 pack, sold separately) turn good storage into great storage: they create a stronger cocoon of protection and use eastern red cedar to naturally deter moths, pests, and mildew. Each bag uses 4 panels, so you'll need 8 panels (or 1 accessory pack) to fill them.

*Cedar panels are not included with this storage bag.  They are optional accessory that is sold separately.  While bags are designed to be used with cedar panels, the panels are not required for the canvas bags to still work great as soft-sided clothing storage bags.…



Household Essentials Cedarline Canvas Garment Bag partners with your own wardrobe.  This thick cotton canvas bag fits on your existing hangers and holds multiple suits and dresses.  The canvas bag is 54 inches tall, 25 inches wide, and 3 inches deep (so it will hold a stack of clothes a bit thicker than that!).  The sturdy, hanging bag is made of sleek, smooth cotton canvas that allows your air to reach your suits and dresses, thus extending the wear of your favorite garments.  The Cedarline Canvas Garment Bag instantly improves the look and feel of your closet and clothing storage.  Upgrade your storage bag even more with optional cedar panel inserts (sold separately) that fit into elastic loops in the bottom of the bag.  The bag fits up to 6 eastern red cedar panels (56012-1), which freshens storage and may protect your clothing and linens from pests and mildew.

*Cedarline Garment Bag does not include cedar panels; 56012-1 cedar panels come in a 10 pack and are sold separately.  The garment bag may be used with or without panels for great clothing storage.…



Household Essentials Rectangular Krush Tote is the one and only Krush®: a durable canvas bag with a water resistant vinyl lining that is truly ready for any task.  Chevron pattern of Red, orange, and navy make this bag fun and fashionable. Whether lugging groceries, laundry, or beach paraphernalia, you are well equipped with this sturdy tote.  Ideal for home, dorm, travel, and more, simply pull open the bag and form into shape.  When finished, Krush it down—useful and highly entertaining. Dimensions:
13 inches high x 22 inches wide x 11 inches deep …



Ever notice the dust that collects on clothes you don't wear often? This is an even bigger problem for navy and black garments as the acid in the dust can create a permanent stain that looks like the garment has faded in the sun. Many people keep their clothes in the bag they come in from the drycleaner but the chemicals, if not aired, can destroy the garment fibers if they are exposed too long. Shoulder covers are constructed of clear vinyl and slip over the hanger, keeping your garments easily visible and allowing them to breathe  while maintaining a dust-free environment. The gusseted side is deep enough to protect one or two items each. Because they are all the same size and transparent, a closet that uses these will always look very organized. Set of 3…



Blankets, sweaters, pillows and clothing take up a lot of space- especially in a small closet. Move your seasonal items out of the way. This clear vinyl chest hides under your bed where no one knows about it but you. Fully opens with a zipper making it easy to load and unload. …



The clear vinyl gown bag keeps gowns and long garments clean and dust free! The durable heavy gauge vinyl, reinforced metal grommets, and self correcting zippers make this product worth its weight in gold. This garment bag can hold up to 4 or more gowns. …



Keep your suit or favorite fancy clothes clean and protected with the Clear Suit Bag. The bag helps keep everything dust-free, and the self-correcting nylon zipper gives you easy access.…