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People tell us they don't iron anymore. Why? It takes too much time. It's a pain to set up the ironing board. The Ironaway A-46 seeks to make all that difficulty disappear and leave you with crisply ironed clothes with a minimum of hassle. Neatly installed in the wall, the Ironaway stores the iron and provides an electrical outlet all in one place. We've listed all the tech information below but for us, we just need to know it works and works well. It does.

Top of the line, Model A-46 is professionally designed to include the most premium set of features, allowing for the utmost ease and comfort when ironing. The telescoping steel support legs provide the rugged stability necessary when ironing with the superlative 46-inch length board. A 4-inch height adjustment lets you choose the most comfortable work position. A solid state, silent timer turns on power to the built-in work light and the electrical outlet. The electrical cord cover and restraints help guide the cord over the board, eliminating potential snags. You can leave your iron plugged in at all times, even when the door is closed. A built-in safety switch disconnects all power when the board is returned to the upright position. The oversized hot iron storage compartment, iron rest, storage shelves, garment bar, and indicator light are the standard accessories completing this supreme ironing center. Place the iron in the handy heat resistant iron rest. This allows for more useable space on the ironing board while making your garment adjustments. This board does not swivel. If you want a swivel board, order the A42. The premium length board coupled with the adjustable swivel creates the overall maximum flexibility that you would want in an ironing board.

Recessed Install Instructions:
Recessed Outside dimensions: 15"W x 6-7/8"D x 60-5/8"H
Opening size for recessed mounting: 14-1/4"W x 3-7/8"D x 59-7/8"H
Outside door dimensions: 15"W x 60-5/8"H

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