Take the stability and keen sense of space to new heights with this 2-Tier Tripod Air Dryer.  Sleek and portable, tall enough to hang even full length dresses, and with two tiers for twice the hanging space, it sets up your laundry facility like never before.  No more blouses hung on chairs or sweaters on doorknobs.  Consolidate everything on this tripod, which holds up to 76 garments!  Set it up in your laundry room or in a corner for a compact place to air dry your delicates.  Take advantage, too, of the great outdoors!  Place your tripod on the deck, porch, or on the patio and enjoy the sun-kissed freshness of an energy-saving sun dry!  Place it in the shade and turn your colored clothes inside out to lessen fading but still enjoy that refreshing scent of the outdoors.  When you finish, take apart the two-part post, fold it up, and store it out of sight.  That worth doing once is worth doing twice.   Dimensions:
70-77.5”h x 26”w x 26”d
177.8-196.9cm x 66cm x 66cm…



This Accordion Dryer has a 24 inch wide frame that expands to 18 inches. The seven 21 inch rods provide 12.25 feet of drying space for all your laundry needs. This energy-saving drying rack with space-smart accordion design, mounts on the wall and easily retracts for extra room in your laundry or utility room. A great space saver for any household!…



Embrace the feel of the beautiful outdoors for your laundry with this 5-Line Retractable Dryer.  Benefiting from natures energy, clothes and linens dry naturally on a massive 170' of line space.  This 5-line system extends to 34' and releases easily for smooth retraction into a protective aluminum case that keeps the line dry and clean.  A tightening knob keeps lines taut and tangle free.  Its lightweight and heavy-duty construction make this full size retractable line perfect for outdoor or indoor use.  Mount it on a wall outdoors, in the garage or basement, or on the porch.  Be environmentally and economically intentional and delight in the freshness of line-dried laundry.  Go on—make Grandma proud.   Details: Light weight and heavy duty construction, use indoors or outdoors.  Aluminum casing keeps clothesline clean and dry.  Large knob keeps lines taut and tangle free.  Smaller knob locks clothesline and releases easily for retraction.  Can be mounted on a wall outdoors, in the garage, basement or laundry room.  Extends to 34'. Provides 170' of drying space.   Dimensions: 6.5"l x 36.5"w x 8"d 16.5cm x 92.7cm x 20.3cm     Tips: Dryer can be mounted on a wall outdoors, in the garage or basement, on the porch. …



Air dry clothes in your laundry room, bathroom or outside on a balcony with this 6-line retractable clothesline from Honey-Can-Do. Each of the 6 lines measures 12' in length for a total of 72' of drying space. Best of all, the nylon lines are strong yet easy to clean for years of worry-free use.
• automatically retracting line
• 72 linear feet of drying space
• 6 sturdy nylon lines
16.5 in L x 2.75 in W x 2.25 in H…



Household Essentials Dryer Balls unique design leave your clothes soft and static free, as well as make the process of doing laundry more economical. Dryer balls are 2.7 in. (6.9 cm) in diameter and have rubber spikes on their surface. When placed in the dryer among the wet laundry the dryer balls help to lift and separate the clothes reducing static and drying time as well as leaving the clothes soft and fluffy. Dryer balls work by improving the circulation of heat and air through the wet items. This wonderful dryer accessory helps your clothes become fluffy as they take less time to dry. By cutting down drying time, it allows you to do more laundry in less time. Easy to use and Reusable, this chemical and allergy free solution to drying is a must have. Dimensions: 
2.7 dia. in./ 6.9 dia. cm 



Yes, a lot of us still use clothespins. Where do you store them when not in use? This canvas bag is of sturdy construction due to a wire frame. Great for metal, wooden or plastic clothespins. Includes a hook to hang the bag on the line keeping it close in hand. Drying on a line saves on your power bill. It also prevents shrinkage and fading due to high dryer temperatures. Take it easy on your clothes and on you! …



Household Essentials Dual Bra Wash Bag is a compact zippered wash bag especially designed for bras.  It has a fine mesh that won't snag hooks.  And the bag's 2 compartments, divided by a fine mesh, keep bras from tangling with each other.  The round structure also helps cups maintain their shape over time, extending the life of your undergarments.  So wash with peace of mind.  You have our full support.  The bag works best when bras are folded in half and inserted at an angle, so that bras align like shoes in a shoe box.  The bag does accommodate underwire bras, though some styles (i.e., padded) and sizes fit better with just 1 bra in the bag at a time.  This Dual Bra Wash Bag can also be used to wash lingerie sets so they are easier to match.  As always, it is recommended to wash lingerie on your machine's delicate cycle.  This lingerie bag is 7 inches high and 4.5 inches in diameter.  Dimensions:
7h x 4.5w inch
17.7 x 11.4 cm 



This handy little gizmo sets up in a second and folds very flat when you are done. Separate sweater platform is woven, allows for plenty of air circulation and attaches with velcro. Weighs less than 5 pounds but is sturdy enough to hold at a minimum of 9 garments at a time.…



When space is at a premium, this is the air dryer you choose. The Siena 180 Aluminum Drying Rack is lightweight and surprisingly compact. Made of high quality aluminum, this sturdy rack folds into a slim package the fits discreetly behind the door or between the washer and dryer.
  The Siena Air Dryer is no lightweight when it comes to drying. This remarkable dryer can hold up to two loads of laundry! Its flat top design with wings make it space-saving when folded down and spacious when hung with clothes. Tilted wings also ensure that even longer garments have a place to dry.
  Rust resistant and easy to put up and take down, this air dryer is ideal for drying clothing, linens, and more inside and outside. With a sturdy X stance, this air dryer might well become one of your favorite appliances. From the once a week wash to the daily chore, find what you need in air drying from this winged wonder of an air dryer.
Siena 180 Aluminum Laundry Drying Rack Details: Air Dryer Environmentally friendly Holds up to 2 loads of laundry Flat and angled surfaces for drying Made of high quality Aluminum Extremely lightweight—weighs only 4.4 pounds Indoor/outdoor use Folds for storage Rust resistant
Dimensions: 44”h x 21.6”w x 70”d …



Elegance and nature unite again in this beautiful Bamboo dryer.  Made entirely of naturally vibrant bamboo, this stunningly simple dryer boasts up to 25' of drying space—ample room for delicates, towels, bedding, and anything else that could benefit from a little fresh air.  It folds compactly for easy storage, though its understated elegance may keep it out of the closet.   Dimensions:
42.125”h x 29”w x 14.125”d
107cm x 73.7cm x 35.9cm…



Keep your favorite sweater looking like new and keep your sanity, too!  With all the benefits of a stackable dryer, this one signifigant extra: a fast folding frame that lets you quickly stow it away!  Take down your dryer and arrange your sweaters on the rust free open-mesh netting surface that allows even airflow and a fast drip dry, thus ensuring your sweaters dry quickly and evenly, without drooping or pulling.  When your finished, quickly fold up the collapsible frame and hang the dryer by the attached hanger.  Your dryer will always be handy, ready whenever you need it and out of the way when you don't.   Frame set-up size:
6"h x 28"w x 28"d
15.2cm x 71.1cm x 71.1cm…



Nothing is beyond air drying with the Gullwing Air Dryer.  Its unique wing-like design allows clothes to hang dry or lie flat, so practically everything can find a place.  25 stainless steal rods provide an enormous 44' of drying space.  With 8 shoehorns below, even your sneakers will be sparkling.  Fold it up for easy storage, fully confident that this wingspan has you covered.   Dimensions:
39”h x 61.6”w x 25.5”d
99cm x 156.5cm x 64.8cm…



The Hanger Holder is the most cost effective solution for building extra hanging space in a laundry or sewing room. It flips up and locks in place when not in use. Made of ABS plastic, it holds 12-14 hangers easily. It's narrow but remember that when a hanger is on it, you need a minimum of 19" of width for a garment to hang freely.…



Hanging Garment Dryer. The stainless steel drying rack hooks over the shower curtain rod or closet rod so that you can hang your delicates and hand washables. Stainless Steel with 14 opaque clips attached. Folds flat for storage.11.75" x 9.5"…



If you don't own any of these handy gizmos, you should. Sometimes, less is more.For hang drying stockings and underwear, these are uncomplicated and the perfect solution.They take up no space at all and can hang from your shower rod. Plastic clothespin has a hook end. Set of 6.

5" Long…



Need a little extra hanging space? Welcome the Insta Hanger into your home. When you need it, pull the cover open and drop the steel rod down for a sturdy 12" of hanging space that holds up to 50 pounds. When you don't need it, the InstaHanger closes with a flip of the rod. Perfect for the laundry, a sewing room or entry closet. Even the garage could use one. The Insta Hanger cover is injection molded plastic, available in either white or black. The rod is chrome. Exceptionally sturdy. Mounting hardware included.

3"W x 1-1/4"D x 17-5/16"H  Extends 12" out
Over Door Bracket for Insta Hanger sold separately: item AH33…



Need a little extra hanging space? Welcome the Insta Hanger into your home. When you need it, pull the cover open and drop the steel rod down for a sturdy 12" of hanging space that holds up to 50 pounds. When you don't need it, the Insta Hanger closes with a flip of the rod. Perfect for the laundry, a sewing room or entry closet. Even the garage could use one. The cover is available in a variety of wood finishes and also has the option of photo frames available! This can be a very function decoration to any room! The rod is chrome. Exceptionally sturdy. Mounting hardware included. The unit cleans easily with a damp cloth.
  If you choose a wood style with the picture frame option, The picture frame cover section is attached to the InstaHANGER with the aid of two powerful magnets. Simply slide the cover section to remove and access three individual 2" X 4" picture frames.

3"W x 1-1/4"D x 17-5/16"H  Extends 12" out…



Our wall mounted telegant clothes drying rack folds flat for use as a towel bar between laundry days. It's one of our most popular items. Sure it's great for sweaters, fine lingerie and stockings but how about using it for drying hats and gloves at the back door or bathing suits near the pool? The arms and back are made of ABS plastic. The rods are epoxy-coated steel. The unit is fully coated so you could even install it in bath for handy drying of fine washables.
Telefix 70:
28"W x 1-7/8"D x 4-1/8"H/ Pulls out to 14-1/2" - 6 drying rods - (item 83250 and 83201)

Telefix 100:
40Wx3D x 5H/ Pulls out to 24.75" - 8 drying rods - (item 83150 and 83100)…



Household Essentials Lingerie Bag with Wash Balls is a fine mesh lingerie bag that protects your delicate garments in the washing machine.  The fine mesh keeps hooks, lace, and silk from snagging on other items in the wash.  And the 2 small rubber wash balls gently mimic the massaging cleaning action of hand washing for a better clean without the hassle.  The wash bag is spacious, with a secure zipper to keep delicates in the bag.  As always, it is recommended to wash lingerie on your machine's delicate cycle.  The bag is 12 inches high, 12.5 inches wide, and 13 inches deep. Dimensions:
12h x 12.5w x 13d inch
30.4 x 31.7 x 33.0 cm …



DUO™ is the perfect partner to LOFTi™. DUO™ features 16 durable hanging clips and easily folds for storage or travel. DUO™ can also break down into separate components that can attach onto the ends of LOFTi™, making the pair an ultimate clothes-drying system.     Product Dimensions: Width: 7.69" Height: 16.8"     Key Features: Air-dry Small Items Reduces Power Bills Fits Any Home Décor Folds for Space Saving…