Household Essentials Ultra 4-Leg Ironing Board with iron rest and sturdy steel, 25 mm dia legs embodies sleek sophistication. With an antique bronze finish and clean lines, its simplicity suits any décor. The attached iron rest has heat resistant pads to safely hold a hot iron.  An attached hanger bar holds hangers and freshly pressed shirts, keeping ironed clothing from getting wrinkled again.  This board's 4-leg stance is sturdy, having 4 points of contact on the floor.  This makes it ideal for carpet and smooth floors alike.  Its heavy-duty no-scuff stabilizer leg caps help the board grip while protecting floors from scuffs and scraps.  With classic lever open, close, and 4-position height adjust, it is a classy board with an upscale finish--simple and elegant. This deluxe ironing board is 34.5-41 inches high (with 6 height settings), 14 inches wide, and 54 inches deep, and it weighs 12.85 lbs.  It comes with a cotton cover and 5 mm fiber pad.   For an upgraded ironing experience, consider replacing the basic cover and pad with one of Household Essentials standard-size Deluxe, Ultra, or Ultra Plus cover and pads, which are longer lasting and more plush. …



Limitless ironing possibilities await with the classic Bronze Wide Top, where beauty belies function.  With its expansive top (18" x 49"), every sweeping stroke counts.  Its 4-leg stance provides optimum ironing stability while maintaining its streamlined look.  The thick padded top smoothes lines while the Iron Rest, with heat resistant pads, holds your iron at an angle (ideal for steam irons), and the Hanger Bar provides a convenient location for those freshly pressed pieces.  Elegance has met performance here, so iron your sheets, your pillowcases, and your towels.  You certainly have the space.  -Details Large 18” x 49” ironing surface. 
Iron Rest, with heat resistant pads, and Hanger Bar. 
28mm legs in 4-leg stance for maximum stability.
Metal leg lock holds legs securely in place for storage. 
100% cotton cover and thick 8mm fiber pad provide a resilient, matte-free ironing surface.

Color: Antique Bronze finish
Cover: Solid Natural

Ironing surface dimensions:
49"l x 18"w…



Household Essentials Bamboo-Leg Ironing Board lets you take comfort in the natural warmth and understated elegance of this bamboo. With classic lines and simple efficiency, this board provides everything a board should, without pomp or circumstance. It has a clean ironing surface with a tapered nose and rounded end for shoulder fit.  It comes with a natural-colored cotton cover and 5 mm fiber pad to provides a seamless ironing surface.  It has a classic t-leg stance with 4 legs.  Familiar lever operation opens and closes the board, and a metal leg lock securely holds the leg closed in storage.  Take a step into the future without abandoning what was good about the past with a board that unites the best of both. Set up, this ironing board is 31-37 inches high (with 4 height settings), 14 inches wide, and 54 inches long and weighs 12.65 lbs. …



Household Essentials Bamboo Wide Top Ironing Board brings home the natural strength, warmth, and elegance of nature's very own: bamboo. Its wide top provides optimal space for sweeping strokes so you can iron everything from, tiny garments to large linens, with precision and efficiency. The board includes a bronze iron rest with silicone heat pads and flex wings that can be adjusted to fit almost any size iron.  A fold-out hanger bar on the back of the iron rest provides a convenient spot for hanging pressed shirts and garments.  The board comes with a cotton cover and 5 mm fiber pad for a matte-free, resilient ironing surface. The board has a classic t-leg stance with 4 legs.  No-scuff plastic leg caps help keep the board stable and protect your flooring from scrapes and scuffs.  This wide top ironing board folds up and has a metal leg lock to hold its legs firmly in place.  This ironing board is 49 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 31-38 inches high (with 4 height settings, 2 inches apart), and it weighs 14.55 lbs When replacing the cover and pad for this board, look for a cover and pad that says ""wide top"…



Household Essentials Deluxe 4-Leg Ironing Board with iron rest and cord minder are the dynamic duo you've been wanting! Attached to the heel of the board, the Iron Rest, with heat resistant pads, safely holds your hot iron, thus freeing your hands to arrange the perfect press. The Cord Minder eliminates tripping over long draping cords by holding cords conveniently out of the way. Its flexibility moves with you, allowing you the full sweep of the board. With a black finish and color-coordinated plastic pieces, this board is fashion and function united. It even has stylish rectangular legs! Now, with board height adjusted, cord chaos conquered, and iron heated, you are ready to take on the ironing world! Go forth, with your Ultra 4-Leg Ironing Board with Iron Rest and Cord Minder. This ironing board is 32-39 inches high (with height adjustment), 14 inches wide, and 54 inches long and weighs 12.95 lbs.  It comes with a  DELUXE cotton cover with 5 mm fiber pad. …



Take advantage of tight spaces to store an unwieldy set: your iron and ironing board!  With this exceptionally compact wall mount holder, you can put even a hot iron to rest easily.  Hang your T-leg ironing board on the Holder's two sturdy hooks and you are ready, set, and stored!  No more fuss with tangled cords (thanks to a built-in storage pocket), and no more mess or falling boards.  With this little ditty, all rests secure. Will NOT accommodate irons with a sole plate over 4.75" at the widest point. Details Will NOT accommodate irons with a sole plate over 4.75" at the widest point.
Compact: iron and board stored together! 
Heat resistant plastic stores hot iron. 
Storage pocket for cord. 
Strong hooks hold T-leg ironing board. 
Easy assembly with hardware supplied. 

16”h x 5.5”w x 4.25”d
40.64cm x 13.97cm x 10.79cm …



The Cord Minder keeps that cord in order when you are on the job.  This 20” long, spring-based cord minder attaches to any ironing board via a simple, easy to use clamp.  The top of the Cord Minder has an “S” hook to securely hold a cord up.  At the base, brackets anchors and support the cord, preventing slippage.  The Cord Minder installs ready to use and features a spring rotation device that allows the minder to lie flat alongside the board for easy storage.  Simply pull and turn to use the minder or to put it to bed. The cord minder’s coiled design allows the minder to bend and flex with the sweeping motion of your iron, so you are never hindered or jerked to an uncomfortable stop.  A heavy-duty chrome metal 2” clamp attaches to the board by twisting the threaded nylon bushing until it is secure. With the minder firmly secured to the board, you are free to mind your pressing and not the cord. The wand rotates 360 degrees on the clamp base, so it works for right and left-handed users alike.  With the cord minder tending to the movement of the cord, you have both hands to use for ironing.  Pull collars, pleats, and sleeves taut for the ultimate in crisp couture. Your garments will look their best with this handy ironing accessory by your side.   Best of all, there is no need to remove the minder to store the board! Simply rotate the cord minder to fold it flat against the board when not in use. It’s a winner all around!

Household Essentials® is committed to providing you with ironing accessories that keep your clothes – and your career – in creaseless perfection. Whether you’re a left-handed or right-handed presser, the cord minder is sure to become the ironing accessory that you cannot live without. Details Adjustable clamp fits any size ironing board.
Keeps iron’s power cord out of the way.
Designed for right or left-hand use.
Flexible wand for easy maneuverability.
20” long, spring-based wand.
Rotating base allows minder to lie flat against board when not in use. Color: Chrome

Wand is 20” (50.8cm) long …



Specially cut to fit the TABLE TOP boards, this 100% cotton cover and 4mm fiber pad, with its one-piece solid construction and resilient, matte-free surface, make ironing smoother and easier. The tailored design and bungee cord binding ensures a tight fit, so your cover stays secure.    Its classic blue silicone coated finish helps your cover remain stain and scorch resistant, so you can iron worry-free, confident that your board and clothes will last, keeping you and your board looking good!    (cover only, no ironing board included)
  Fits 30"-32" x 12" table top boards - (replacement pad for item# 131210) …



Have beautifully pressed clothes without the fuss of dragging out the full size ironing board!  Whether you are an ironing novice or practically a professional, this table top board is perfect for the grab and go—setting up as quickly as it comes down!  Its flat fold design makes it easy to stow.  With the 100% cotton cover and fiber pad over this presswood surface, you will not sacrifice the smooth and clean look of your clothes as you wave goodbye to this boards bigger cousin.  Perfect for apartments, dorms, the office, and any other place where space is tight, you will look sleek and effortlessly sophisticated in freshly pressed garb, courtesy of your table top ironing board.   Set up dimensions: 5.5”h x 12”w x 32”l…



People tell us they don't iron anymore. Why? It takes too much time. It's a pain to set up the ironing board. The Ironaway A-46 seeks to make all that difficulty disappear and leave you with crisply ironed clothes with a minimum of hassle. Neatly installed in the wall, the Ironaway stores the iron and provides an electrical outlet all in one place. We've listed all the tech information below but for us, we just need to know it works and works well. It does.
Top of the line, Model A-46 is professionally designed to include the most premium set of features, allowing for the utmost ease and comfort when ironing. The telescoping steel support legs provide the rugged stability necessary when ironing with the superlative 46-inch length board. A 4-inch height adjustment lets you choose the most comfortable work position. A solid state, silent timer turns on power to the built-in work light and the electrical outlet. The electrical cord cover and restraints help guide the cord over the board, eliminating potential snags. You can leave your iron plugged in at all times, even when the door is closed. A built-in safety switch disconnects all power when the board is returned to the upright position. The oversized hot iron storage compartment, iron rest, storage shelves, garment bar, and indicator light are the standard accessories completing this supreme ironing center. Place the iron in the handy heat resistant iron rest. This allows for more useable space on the ironing board while making your garment adjustments. This board does not swivel. If you want a swivel board, order the A42. The premium length board coupled with the adjustable swivel creates the overall maximum flexibility that you would want in an ironing board.
  Recessed Install Instructions:
Recessed Outside dimensions: 15"W x 6-7/8"D x 60-5/8"H
Opening size for recessed mounting: 14-1/4"W x 3-7/8"D x 59-7/8"H
Outside door dimensions: 15"W x 60-5/8"H…



Ah, the sweet satisfaction of putting everything away once the laundry is complete.  Even the ironing board.  And the laundry bags.  And the hanging bar... all of it.  Up, out of the way.  Open space.  Laundry freedom.  The foldable ironing laundry center and valet takes up mere inches once all is said and done.  Two removable, washable canvas bags hold an immense amount of laundry and the flip-up ironing board above is also a great folding and sorting surface.   Dimensions: 51.2 in L x 14.1 in W x 68.9 in H…



This amazing folding tabletop ironing board can fit into the smallest of spaces. It's great for travel or cramped dorm rooms, apartments or condominiums. Just because you are short on space, doesn't mean you have to wear wrinkled clothes. No assembly required. It just folds out for use and when complete, just pull the lock and fold it back up for easy storage. Comes with a handy plastic storage back with handle for easy transport or travel. Use it for all of your ironing needs from pants and shirts to linens and tablecloths. Pad and cover are included with this handy unit.
  Folds in half- easy storage Compact and portable- iron even in small spaces Iron rest- prevents scorching White metal frame Includes 5mm foambfiber pad and 100% cotton white/blue stripe cover Item dimensions: 32" L x 12" W x 7" H Storage size: 12" x 12" x 3" …



This full-size ironing board stands strong on 2 sturdy steel tube T-legs on a mesh resin surface. Plastic caps on the bottom of the legs hold this unit still while in use and it comes complete with an attractive cover with built-in pad.…



Organize your ironing accessories and save valuable storage space in your laundry room or utility closet with the Over the Door Iron and Ironing Board Holder. This versatile laundry room organizer fits on doors up to 1 5/8-inch thick and provides convenient storage for an iron and collapsed ironing board. Generous round storage hooks support a T-leg or Y-leg style ironing board. Contoured wire iron holder supports iron by the handle allowing you to hang your iron while it's still hot so it can easily cool. Storage caddy also has additional wire loop for neatly containing iron cord. Ideal for keeping your ironing necessities stored conveniently together and saving precious storage space in a laundry room bedroom or utility closet.   6.5 x 10 x 15 inches…



Keep it all together with this iron and ironing board holder. The unique design holds both iron and boarding neatly out of the way. Just mount on the wall with the included hardware.   3.1 x 9.6 x 17 inches…



Convenience and storage at their best. A multi purpose laundry organizer perfect for your laundry room. Keep it all together with the over-the-door Iron and Ironing Board Holder. Unique design holds both iron and board neatly out of the way on any door (up to 1-5/8"W).   4.4 x 9.6 x 18.8 inches…



Eliminate the wrinkling and slipping of any ironing board cover with these Cover Fasteners.  These durable elastic and metal clips attach to either side of your cover along the underside of your board, securing your cover firmly in place.  Now you can iron in peace, focusing on eliminating the wrinkles in your clothes rather than the slipping of your stretched out cover. Details Elastic straps with metal clips.
Fastens to cover on the underside of the board.
Eliminates slipping and wrinkling of covers.

Set of 4. …



Stop fretting over hot irons left out after you've gone.  Press your clothes and put your iron away in this heat resistant Iron Caddy.  Designed to withstand temperatures up to 410°F, this little caddy can take the heat and save your peace of mind!  With a pocket for the cord in the lid, you don't even have to wait for the iron to cool to stow the cord.  No more worries over singed fingers or charred mats, just tidiness and peace of mind. …



Household Essentials® Iron 'n Fold® Floor-Standing Cabinet Ironing Board has the look of a built-in cabinet without the construction of one.  This cabinet ironing board sits on the floor and attaches to the wall (studs preferred)--no cutting into drywall.  The cabinet is 48.5 inches high and sticks out approximately 5.375 inches from the wall. Because of the 8.5" high baseboard cutout that fits over almost all residential baseboards, it sits flush against the wall, leaving the top edge of the cabinet as a 5-inch ledge.  The sliding cabinet door slides open to the right, but it can be flipped around to slide open to the left.  The steel mesh top ironing board is spacious--41" long x 14.125" wide--and perfect for steam ironing.  Unlike many built-in styles, this ironing board in this cabinet has multiple height settings and can be be adjusted from standing or sitting.  The cabinet installs quickly and easily into bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, laundry rooms, and kitchens.  The closed ironing board cabinet is 48.5 inches high, 18.5 inches wide, and 5.375 inches deep and requires at least 36 inches of side-to-side clearance to allow the door to slide open.  White ironing board cabinet that attaches to the wall and rests on the floor (PATENT NO. 9,119,467) Keeps ironing board handy and out of sight 4 height settings and wheelchair accessible Cabinet: 48.5 in. H (8 in. baseboard cutout) x 18.5 in. W x 5.375 in. D; Ironing surface: 14 x 41 in. Door comes installed sliding to the right (can be reversed to slide left) Steam-safe steal mesh ironing board and MDF white laminate cabinet 1 year manufacturer's warranty with proof of purchase Replacement cover (2010-01, 2010-02) sold separately            …



Household Essentials Iron n Fold Floor-Standing Cabinet Ironing Board helps make ironing easy to do and less of a hassle. The attractive white cabinet foldaway ironing board stands on the floor and has the look of a built-in unit making it a great option for laundry rooms large closets and even kitchens It sits flush against the wall thanks to the 8.5-inch cutout that fits over baseboards easily. Best of all installation is simply: just screw into the studs of the wall. No cutting or fancy measuring required This floor-standing cabinet ironing board mounts to the wall not in it. The ironing board itself is steel mesh making it hardy and perfect for steam irons. The ironing board is wheelchair accessible. Its height adjusts from above or below so it is comfortable to use standing or seated. That simple feature makes this board perfect for seniors too If you want perfectly pressed clothes but don't want the hassles of maneuvering and ironing board than this cabinet ironing board is for you. Trim and sleek it keeps a steel-top ironing board close at hand without making a room look cluttered. The ironing board cabinet is 48.5 inches high 18.5 inches wide and 5.375 inches deep the steel top ironing surface is 41 inches long x 14.125 inches wide. The door needs 36 inches of side clearance to open fully. PATENT NO. 9119467…