Totem 58 brings an alternative configuration to the Totem range, providing additional choice and flexibility. Instead of a single space for waste at the top, it has a split, recycling compartment, with two removable inner buckets inside. These also take custom-fit liners (IW3) or standard bin liners and feature liner-retaining holes and breather vents as before.  With the multi-purpose drawer and divider at the base, Totem 58 provides plenty of space for separating different types of recycling, such as paper, plastic, and glass. Like other Totem products, it also has a fingerprint proof stainless-steel lid with odour filter and a powder-coated steel body.  10-year guarantee. Welcome pack with full instructions and trial-pack of liners/odour filters included. Total capacity: 58 (15.3 US Gallons). Food waste caddy available separately.   …



Totem 48 provides the perfect solution for households requiring less capacity. It features a 24-litre (6.3 US Gallon) general waste compartment plus a multi-purpose drawer with divider. Like Totem 60, the respective inner buckets are removable, take custom-fit liners (IW1) and features liner-retaining holes, breather vents and carrier bag hooks. It also has a fingerprint proof stainless-steel lid with odour filter and a powder-coated steel body.  10-year guarantee. Welcome pack with full instructions and trial-pack of liners/odour filters included. Total capacity: 48L (12.6 US Gallons). Food waste caddy available separately.   …



Totem 60 combines all your waste and recycling requirements in one stylish unit, whilst taking up the same amount of space as a conventional kitchen bin. It has a 36 litre (9.5 US Gallon) general waste compartment at the top, which has a removable inner bucket that takes custom-fit liners or standard bin liners. The bucket includes liner-retaining holes, to prevent messy bag overhang, and breather vents that make removing a full liner easier. A carbon filter inside the lid helps eliminate odours and saves you emptying a half-full bag just because of the smell. At the base of the unit is a multi-purpose drawer. Offering flexible use, this comes with a removable divider that's perfect for separating different types of recycling and features specially designed hooks that allow you to fix two standard carrier bags inside. Alternatively, custom-fit liners available for a perfect fit.  Totem 60 also features a removable food waste caddy. This can be stored on a kitchen worktop, in the general waste compartment or in the multi-purpose drawer-whichever suits you best. Custom-fit compostable liners are available as well, which fit neatly inside with no untidy overhang. The caddy is also available separately.  10 year guarantee. Welcome pack with full instructions and trial-pack on liners/odour filters included.   …



This basic piece of kitchen equipment is given a stylish and practical update with this smart, thoughtful design. It has an integrated plug which means water can be quickly drained, eliminating the problem of lifting and emptying a heavy bowl. The plug can also be set to strain the water for food particles, allowing them to be easily disposed of and helping to prevent sink blockages.  Its steep sides help keep water and soapsuds safely inside and large carry handles mean it can be easily carried, if required. Perfect for use in the sink or for washing dishes anywhere.  Hand wash only.   …



These handy mats provide a soft rubber surface for draining a variety of items and are perfect for creating extra draining space when required. The distinctive parallel ribs prevent water from being trapped in the upturned mouths of cups, glasses and bowls and help direct water to the central channel, from where it can be easily drained. By simply picking up the corners either side of the central channel, "Flume" will naturally fold allowing water to be gently poured away. Updated for Spring, this new design is easier to clean, provides a flatter surface for draining glassware and now comes in a new larger size for even more draining space.  Hand wash only.   …



This versatile dish rack allows you to quickly and easily expand your draining space. When required it can be extended to almost twice its size to accommodate the washing up after either single or family sized meals.  An integrated spout helps to drain away any excess water, but this can be rotated away and closed trapping water inside for draining later. This means that Extend can also be used to create draining space almost anywhere. With plated steel prongs and non-scratch tips that make it suitable for all types of glassware and crockery, this versatile drainer can be extended to create additional draining space that's perfect for cups and bowls.  A moveable cutlery drainer allows for flexible use and non-slip feet to ensure that, wherever it's used, the unit will be secure and stable. The steel rack can be removed for easy cleaning.  Wash and dry by hand.  …



With draining space at a premium in most kitchens. Y-rack maximises what's available by utilising the vertical area above your drainer. It's 2-tier design combines a sturdy base for draining pots and pans or cups and bowls, with a traditional-style rack above for draining up to 15 plates. The large self-draining utensil pot that clips onto the side means you can drain everything for 4 full place settings in a very small place. The base features sloping ribs to allow water to drain freely, a fixed draining spout for emptying into the sink and non-slip feet. The whole unit dismantles for easy cleaning.  Hand wash only.  Assembly instructions included.…



Made from toughened glass and with non-slip rubber feet, thee multi-function boards provide a hygienic, odour, and stain-resistant work surface for all types of food preparation and presentation. In addition they can be used to protect tables and worktops from serving bowls and dishes. Available in a wide range of designs, they are heat-resistant up to 280 degrees Celsius / 536 degrees Fahrenheit Dishwasher safe and carry a lifetime guarantee against breakage.   …



This colorful set of chopping mats are perfect for a range of food preparation tasks and conveniently snap together for easy storage. Each board has a double sided, knife friendly cutting surface and is clearly colour-coded, making it easier to keep specific Planches for specific tasks.  The "hole'' detail is designed to allow the Planches to be joined by simply pushing together, and it also provides the perfect hanging point.     …