This product looks good enough to be on permanent display. The Clearly chic clear block is a space saving accessory that keeps your makeup neat and organized. It’s perfect for organizing lip liners, eyeliners, makeup, lip glosses and jewelry and more. This crystal-clear organizer is not only functional but elegant and will hold all your beauty products. Its ample compartments will fit lotions, perfumes, nail polish, compacts, brushes and eye shadows as well as accessories for your hair. It displays beautifully on your bathroom vanity and everything you need when getting ready is right at your fingertips.

Key Product Features:

  • Neatly organizes a whole drawer full of cosmetics - it'll even save you space while it simplifies your life!
  • Ideal for organizing lip liners, eyeliners, makeup, lip glosses and jewelry and more
  • Stop fumbling through cluttered bathroom drawers for your makeup - The clear chic allows you to find everything with ease
  • Designed to be versatile and practical and also look luxurious
  • Keep all your make-up essentials organized and at your fingertips
Item SKU: 987983

Dimensions: 11.81"L x 5.91"W x 1.99"H



Free up your countertop and cabinet space, the Grid Over the Cabinet Door Tall Styling Center neatly slides over standard cabinet doors without tools or installation. Two padded brackets protect against scratches and provide stability while the holder accommodates hair dryers with nozzles up to 3" wide, curling irons, brushes and other beauty accessories.    14.5 x 12.3 x 6.8 inches …



Is sharing counter space in the bathroom an ongoing domestic feud? Remember, in the bedroom you're supposed to make LOVE not WAR!! Let's work together to find creative ways to bring happiness back into your personal space: this space saving countertop organizer is just the thing for your day-to-day necessities.  The clear acrylic means you have full visibility for all the contents no matter their placement, style or type.  Store lipsticks, eyeliner, mascara, nail polish for touch-ups, and daily jewelry, watches, eyeglass cleaner and more at hand and in plain sight.  Also useful in out of control craft areas or desktops.…



Reduce clutter in your bedroom and bath with the Black Hair Styling Organizer. It's made of sturdy acrylic and has three metal-lined holes for holding hot hair styling tools like blow-driers, curling irons and flat irons. Two open bins are great for holding shampoos and other hair products and a bottom drawer is great for stashing combs, headbands and other hair accessories. It has a small footprint to fit on most dressers and vanities:   …



Safely cool down your hot styling tools with the Hot Sleeve! The Hot Sleeve's silicone body is heat resistant to 500°F.   Wrap the styling tool's cord around and use the plug catch to hold in place when stored.  The hanging hook allows for easy storage and can be hung on a towel bar or over the cabinet door. It's the perfect companion for people on the go. Safely store your hot styling tools and be on your way. Great for travel or the gym!   Available in purple, pink, black and charcoal   For use with: Curling Irons up to 2-inches Flat Irons up to 1.5-inches Also works with InStyler®   Measures 3" x 3.75" x 6.25"   This product is a storage device do not use with live plugged in electrical devices. Do not store any items in the ON position. …



Organize your hair-care tools with the Shapes Styling Rack. Great for bathroom clutter-control, this organizer easily slides over standard cabinet doors to keep all your essential hair styling tools conveniently at your fingertips. Made of sturdy steel, the unique Shapes design neatly stores flat irons, curling irons, hair brushes and hair dryers with nozzles up to three-Inch wide. Also features two hooks and storage space to hang cords or other hair accessories.    Available in Bronze or Satin Nickel    9.5 x 6.5 x 9.2 inches…



The Hair Tool Heat Mat is a simple, space conscious silicon mat that protects bathroom countertops and vanities from damage due to hot hair styling tools. This heat-resistant mat sits underneath curling irons, straighteners, and other hot items, providing a safe place to rest tools while in use and while cooling.…



Keep your bathroom organized with the 448 Vanity Base Organizer designed for Full Height Vanity Base 12 cabinets. These beautiful organizers feature adjustable shelves with non-skid vinyl liners and clear polycarbonate storage trays for storing everything from bobby pins to shampoo. The 448-VC is available in both a Vanity Height and Base Height version, and feature our patented adjustable door mount brackets that allow up to 5 inches of flexibility for trouble-free installation on any door style. The units glide on our patented “tri-slides” that reduce side-to-side motion and provide complete stability when pulled out of the cabinet. Physical Specifications Width (min to max): 8" Depth(min to max): 19" Height(min to max): 20-1/4" Weight: 28lbs.  Minimum Cabinet Opening
Face Frame Width:8-1/2" Depth:19-1/8" Height:20-3/8" Frameless Width:8-1/2" Depth:19-1/4" Height: 20-3/8"



This 4 drawer organizer is clearly chic collection. This item keeps drawers free of clutter and messes associated with make-up products. It is easy to clean and see through due to acrylic materials.  …



Free up your countertop and cabinet space, the MyBella Over the Cabinet Door Styling Center organizes all your essential beauty care products and requires no installation. Simply slide the height-adjustable foam padded brackets over your cabinet door or remove brackets for wall mounting. It accommodates hair dryer nozzles up to 3-Inch wide and is made of heat resistant steel.…



This functionally fashionable Scroll Nail Polish Holder is a great space saving idea. The perfect storage solution for college dorms, apartments, bathrooms and bedrooms. …



Free up your countertop and cabinet space, the MyBella Over the Cabinet Door Styling Station! This handy station organizes all your essential beauty care products and accommodates hair dryer nozzles up to 2-3/4" wide. Made with a heat resistant steel frame, it also features ample storage space for flat and curling irons, hair brushes or other accessories.    Available in Bronze or Chrome   14.9 x 10.8 x 4.5 inches…



Drawer organizer that’s perfect for all your cosmetic needs. Tilted compartments make items easy to find, perfect for organizing foundation, blushes, nail polish, brushes and other cosmetic items, this 6 section clear plastic tray is the easiest way to keep your daily necessities neatly organized and discretely stored while keeping them within easy reach.
  6 sections of various sizes Use in drawer or on countertop Clear 1 3/4" tall x 8 3/4" wide x 16 1/2" long …



Neatly organize spices and other small jars with Countertop 3-Tier Spice Rack. Three tiers allow for multiple levels of organization and ensure that all of your items remain within sight and easy to reach. This rack is also great for arranging medicine bottles in the bathroom. Made of sturdy steel, this rack can also be mounted to your wall with included hardware.    Available in Black or Chrome    13 x 3 x 13.5 inches        …



Organize make-up in an orderly fashion with the Cosmetic Drawer Organizer. The COSK SERIES is a single cut-to-size tray system that features an optional 6” or 9” rolling top tray for exceptional storage capacity. The rolling top tray glides side-to-side utilizing tracks molded into the base and is easily removable for cleaning or access to the tray below. Physical Specifications Width(min to max): 21-3/4" Depth(min to max): 21-1/8" Height(min to max): 3-3/8" Minimum Cabinet Opening Face Frame Width: 14-7/8" Depth: 13-3/16" Height: 3-3/8" Frameless Width: 21-7/8" Depth: 21-3/8" Height: 3-1/2"




The unique nail boutique stores 30 bottles of nail polish, rotates 360 degrees for easy access, has an easy carry handle for transportation, and rubber feet to prevent sliding.Two drawers slide out of the base, one for nail embellishment storage and one for soaking cuticles and painting nails. A center compartment holds your manicuring tools, and a removable divider in the center accommodates for larger bottles.…



Experience easy storing with these Chrome Wire Baskets. Simple, yet elegant this wire basket storage is very versatile; use one in the bathroom on a shelf or under the sink to store all of your bathroom necessities; use another in a bedroom to reduce clutter; use a large one to store cleaning supplies. The options for use on these storage baskets are endless! Features dual handles, makes carrying this amazing basket a snap.    Available in two sizes:   Medium: 4-5/8" H x 11-1/8" W x 8-3/4" D   Large: 6-3/4" H x 12-1/2" W x 15-3/4"D…