One of the most convenient and healthiest ways to make popcorn at home is in your microwave oven as no oil or butter is required. However, the heat created when the popcorn 'pops' can melt many plastics bowls. 

Our M-Cuisine popcorn maker solves this problem as it has a silicone insert in its base that can withstand the high temperatures involved. It also features a perforated lid that allows you to shake out any unpopped corns that might be left over after cooking. The spherical design allows any added flavourings to be evenly distributed and it makes the perfect serving and sharing bowl. 

The round design lets any added flavourings be evenly distributed and doubles as a handy serving and sharing bowl.

Dishwasher safe. Suitable for microwave ovens with an internal height greater than 19cm (7 ½ inches). Separate the silicone kernel holder and bowl before washing.

Always protect hands when removing container from a microwave oven. Container or its contents may become very hot. Do not use lid upside down as this can cause the product to overheat.


How to use
1) Ensure the silicone kernel holder is securely attached inside the cooking/serving bowl.
2) Pour kernels into the silicone kernel holder up to the maximum fill line (approx 50g). Do not overfill.
3) Place lid on the bowl as shown and microwave on full power. Cooking times will vary between 1½-5 minutes depending on the power of your microwave.
4) Listen carefully and stop the microwave when the rapid popping noise slows down to 2-3 seconds between pops. If the product starts to smoke or a burning smell occurs, stop cooking immediately.
5) Carefully remove product from the microwave. Hold the lid and bowl securely together around the rim, invert over a bowl and shake for 15 seconds to remove any un-popped kernels.
6) Remove lid and add flavourings to popcorn. 
7) Place lid back on to the bowl and shake product using a tumbling motion. 
8) Remove lid to serve. Please take care when eating popcorn as the occasional unpopped kernel may still be present.


Popping tips:

• If popcorn burns, try reducing the power of your microwave.

• Be sure to check the expiration date of your kernels. If they are old and dry, they won't pop as well.

• As a general rule, the finer the seasoning, the better it will coat your popcorn. Blend whole spices, dry cheese (such as parmesan) and dried herbs in a food processor before using.

Item SKU: 45015

Dimensions: 8.50"L x 8.50"W x 5.00"H



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