The Millbrook Wall Mount 3-Hook Wood Rack by Spectrum gives you and your guests a charming place to hang hats, coats, purses and more. The rustic and stylish wood base features three sturdy steel hooks with six points of storage. The curved hook design is gentle on delicate clothing and helps prevent stretching and poking. Perfect for the entryway, hall, bedroom or wherever additional storage is needed. Crafted from rustic wood and sturdy steel.

Key Product Features:

  • Features three hat & coat style hooks, offering six points of hanging storage
  • Functional and stylish way to hang and store your hats, coats, purses, jackets and more
  • Easily mounts to wall with included hardware
  • HARDWARE INCLUDED: Includes mounting hardware and matching wood plugs.
Item SKU: 32413

Dimensions: 4.50"L x 12.00"W x 3.50"H



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Some people believe the miraculous mangosteen fruit can cure everything from cancer to a bad mood. Vast plantations in Southeast Asia grow this nutritious fruit but when an orchard ceases to produce the trees are routinely chopped down and burned. Weve rescued these discarded tree branches carefully selected them for size and form then trimmed cleaned cured sanded and stained them to create a coat hook that is at once a conversation piece a work of art and a miraculous cure for entryway disorganization. Each piece retains the natural imperfections of the tree making each one unique. The number of hooks vary with each trunk but expect about 10-15 hooks at different heights.…



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