How do you store an ironing board when space is at a premium? On the back of a door of course. This rack easily slips over the door frame. It is constructd to hold either a T-leg or Y-leg designed board. No tools required. It even holds the iron. The perfect solution for craft or sewing rooms when occasional pressing is needed. Chrome. 6" long bracket for use on doors up to 1-3/4" thick.

Item SKU: 90617-05

Dimensions: 25.00"L x 13.00"W x 6.00"H
Assembly Difficulty Rating:  



Replacement Cover and pads make ironing day fresh new. These thermo-reflect cover and pads are suited for the Premium AirBoard (72563-1). Each piece includes a combined cover and pad for a smoother ironing experience. The 3mm foam padding creates a matte-free surface. The cover has Leifheit's fine thermo-reflect technology, which shows off the best of German engineering. It boosts iron performance by reflecting steam and heat. This reflected heat means that each pass of your iron does more, cutting down your overall ironing time.  This cover fits boards that are 52 inches long x 18.25 inches wide .…



Fast and efficient ironing happens on this compact HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Table Top Ironing Board with steel top and Trellis Cover. It's a small ironing board with 12 x 30 inch steel mesh ironing surface for use with steam irons. The attached cotton cover and fiber pad are sewn together for less slipping and sliding--making ironing easier. A retractable iron rest keeps hot irons handy and safely off the ironing board surface while you work. Perfect for quick apartments, college dorms, bedrooms, laundry rooms and touch ups: this small board is simply a miniature steel mesh ironing board. Stores behind doors, under beds, or hangs with included over-the-door hook.

OPEN: 8.5 H x 12 W x 30 D in.
CLOSED: 35.5 L x 12 W x 1.5 D in.
IRONING SURFACE: 12 x 30 in.
WEIGHT: 4.2 lbs.…



Save your back without sacrificing surface space with this lovely lightweight Aluminum Mega Top.  With its full size top (18" x 49") there is nothing that you cannot press!  Pop it up, take it down, and store it away easily without the awkward ironing board waddle.  Do not fear, though; this is no flimsy board!  With its 4-leg stance, this board is solid.  And with all the amenities you have come to expect: the Iron Rest with heat resistant pads (iron held at an angle for no-drip steam), a convenient Hanger Bar (no wrinkles other than laugh lines!), and a metal leg lock to hold things in place during storage—it is sure to be one of your favorite things.  So get one for Grandma or Grandpa, or for that friend who is expecting, or maybe just for you . . . after all, who says you shouldn't take it easy and keep it light? -Details Wide top (18" x 49") with lightweight aluminum legs (38mm x 21mm )! 
Iron Rest, with heat resistant pads, holds iron at an angle (ideal for steam irons). 
Hanger Bar. 
4-leg stance for maximum stability. 
Metal leg lock holds legs securely in place for storage.  
100% cotton cover with thick 8mm fiber pad provides a resilient, matte-free ironing surface.

Cover: Solid Natural

Ironing surface dimensions:
49"l x 18"w
124.5cm x 45.7cm…



 As long as you have an IRON-A-WAY ironing center, this cover and pad set will fit all models.     Cover Content: Cotton/Polyester blend w/Silicone coating, Dimensions 17” x 55”   Pad Content: Polyester/Cotton blend, Dimensions 14” x 52”…



Iron big and store small with the patented transforming RHEA Roll Away Wide Top Ironing Board. This space-saving ironing board folds away to store in less space than many compact ironing boards! Closed it is only 46 x 18 x 5 inches!  Opened, it is 37 inches high (with continual height adjustment) x 18 inches wide x 53 inches long (60 with the iron rest). That's MORE ironing space and LESS storage space! Even better, this ironing board is on wheels. It rolls in and out of closets and can be rolled on carpet and hard surfaces.  Ideal for older adults and expecting women who do not want to lift an ironing board. With the RHEA Roll Away Ironing Board--just fold it up and roll it out and away! Use steam safely with the steel top ironing surface and 15 x 13.5 inch storage shelf sized to hold steam generators. This professional, rolling ironing board is the best of ironing boards: big on ironing space, small on storage space, and easy to move around. Boards weighs 20.2 lbs and supports up to 88 lbs.…



This full-size ironing board stands strong on 2 sturdy steel tube T-legs on a mesh resin surface. Plastic caps on the bottom of the legs hold this unit still while in use and it comes complete with an attractive cover with built-in pad.…



Leifheit AirBoard Deluxe XL Lightweight Thermo-Reflect Ironing Board is an optimized ironing surface designed to give you the most exceptional ironing experience possible. It is exceptionally lightweight--significantly lighter than standard plastic and steel top boards. Its ironing surface is made from EPP, a stretched, ultra lightweight durable plastic that makes this 11 lb. board possible. A lighter board is easier to set up and maneuver, especially for those with limited mobility. The board also has the unique thermo-reflect surface that reflects heat and steam to reduce how long it takes to iron your clothes by up to 33%. This curved-leg ironing board is both light and solid, with a large frame for enhanced stability. The board's height adjusts from 29.5" to 38.6", adjusting continually so you can really have the perfect fit. No more pre-set heights. Just a perfect fit exactly where you want it. With a shoulder fit design that allows you to flawlessly iron shirts and blouses and a versatile, movable iron rest, it's the perfect board ironing. Enjoy the comfort and precision of German engineering with Leifheit.…



HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Ultra Plus cover and pad is made of durable, 100% cotton. Its one-piece construction ensures proper alignment and a smoother ironing experience. With a double layered 6mm fiber and 6mm foam pad, the Ultra Plus series provides the best in ironing comfort and efficiency for standard ironing boards.  Tailored side edging creates a tailored form for the cover and pad. A bungee cord binding along the tailored edge makes for easier, more secure installation. The exclusive tailored nose provides a snug, tight fit that keeps you ironing securely day after day. Or weekly. Monthly. Whichever. The Ultra Plus also features the convenient silicone Iron Rest and storage pocket sewn onto the cover, so your iron has a safe place to rest and your starch a handy place to hang. This cover is 15 inches wide and 55.5 inches long and fits standard boards that are 13-15 inches wide and 53-54 inches long.…



Refresh your ironing board with this replacement wide top ironing board cover and pad. This printed cover is blue with a large yellow tulip. It fits the 988000-1 AFER ERGON halfmoon ironing board. It is a 1-piece construction cover and pad with the 160 g/m fiber pad sewn into the 100% cotton cover. An elastic binding gives a nice snug fit and helps the cover hold onto the board's nose as it's pulled into place! Fits the ERGON halfmoon 17.75 x 58.37 ironing surface.…



Household Essentials Iron n Fold Floor-Standing Cabinet Ironing Board helps make ironing easy to do and less of a hassle. The attractive white cabinet foldaway ironing board stands on the floor and has the look of a built-in unit making it a great option for laundry rooms large closets and even kitchens It sits flush against the wall thanks to the 8.5-inch cutout that fits over baseboards easily. Best of all installation is simply: just screw into the studs of the wall. No cutting or fancy measuring required This floor-standing cabinet ironing board mounts to the wall not in it. The ironing board itself is steel mesh making it hardy and perfect for steam irons. The ironing board is wheelchair accessible. Its height adjusts from above or below so it is comfortable to use standing or seated. That simple feature makes this board perfect for seniors too If you want perfectly pressed clothes but don't want the hassles of maneuvering and ironing board than this cabinet ironing board is for you. Trim and sleek it keeps a steel-top ironing board close at hand without making a room look cluttered. The ironing board cabinet is 48.5 inches high 18.5 inches wide and 5.375 inches deep the steel top ironing surface is 41 inches long x 14.125 inches wide. The door needs 36 inches of side clearance to open fully. PATENT NO. 9119467…



Convenience and storage at their best. Perfect for your laundry room, this single basket holds an iron and starch while the ironing board hangs below. The large basket keeps everything handy and the unique handle slot accommodates most styles of irons. The hook will hold both "T" and "Y" style ironing boards and can be removed for use as a storage basket. Mounting hardware included. …



Keep it all together with this iron and ironing board holder. The unique design holds both iron and boarding neatly out of the way. Just mount on the wall with the included hardware.   3.1 x 9.6 x 17 inches…



This amazing folding tabletop ironing board can fit into the smallest of spaces. It's great for travel or cramped dorm rooms, apartments or condominiums. Just because you are short on space, doesn't mean you have to wear wrinkled clothes. No assembly required. It just folds out for use and when complete, just pull the lock and fold it back up for easy storage. Comes with a handy plastic storage back with handle for easy transport or travel. Use it for all of your ironing needs from pants and shirts to linens and tablecloths. Pad and cover are included with this handy unit.
  Folds in half- easy storage Compact and portable- iron even in small spaces Iron rest- prevents scorching White metal frame Includes 5mm foambfiber pad and 100% cotton white/blue stripe cover Item dimensions: 32" L x 12" W x 7" H Storage size: 12" x 12" x 3" …



Leifheit's AirBoard Compact Tabletop Ironing Board is feather-light--unlike anything you've ever seen!  It is practically weightless!  And still, it provides a highly effective ironing surface to smooth out lines and wrinkles in your favorite garments.  Streamlined, compact, and unbelievably lightweight.  The AirBoard Compact Table fits everywhere.  With its thickness of 3.54 in (9 cm), it can easily be stored between the closet and wall and still have the comfort of a larger ironing board. 

Its surface is equipped with special Thermo-Reflect-Technology, which reflects the heat of the iron instead of letting it escape. This way, laundry gets ironed from underneath and above at the same time. This reduces your ironing time by 33% and improves your ironing results. The 28.75 in x 11.8 in (73 x 30 cm) big ironing surface is made with a special extra light plastic; the shoulder form eases the ironing of blouses and T-shirts. Soft feet that are safe and non-slip provides a good stance, even on slippery surfaces. The AirBoard Tabletop Ironing Board is a compact ironing table that is perfectly suitable for quick ironing at home, in the RV, on the boat, or in the dorm.…



 The Hafele Wall Mount Ironing Boards are simple steps towards a more convenient life. They mount easily to any wall and come completely assembled. They are equipped with a turning mechanism and can be turned to the left or right up to 90 degrees, for a range of 180 degrees. These Wall Mount Ironing Boards can also be locked in the left, right, or inclined position. The boards fold in half for easier storage. With all of these conveniences at your fingertips, ironing will never be a chore again.  When open ironing board is 38 7/8" long from wall.
  Folded in half: 12 7/8" wide x 20 5/8" long
Mounting Bracket: 12 7/8" wide x 7 1/4" long…



The AFER PERFECT Steel Mesh Wide Top is a better looking ironing board is on a roll! It has wheels on the front leg, so you don't have to lift or twist to haul the ironing board into place: just roll it into position right out of the closet or from behind the door. Lift the back end when it's open and roll it into on the floor. And its fun geometric leaf dot print on a natural background with its coordinating black iron rest, black leg caps, and white painted steel legs prove ironing boards don't need to be boring. Steel mesh top for steam ironing and better steam penetration, steel iron rest with adjustable wings to fit any size iron, and 100% cotton cover with 5 mm foam AND 3 mm fiber pad for a cushioned top. Show off the ironing board that saves your back while while still keeping clothing properly pressed. Open, the board is 37.8 inches tall with height adjustment options: ironing surface is tapered 16 x 49.2 inches. Closed, the board is 64 inches long x 19.5 inches wide x 3.5 inches deep. …