How do you store an ironing board when space is at a premium? On the back of a door of course. This rack easily slips over the door frame. It is constructd to hold either a T-leg or Y-leg designed board. No tools required. It even holds the iron. The perfect solution for craft or sewing rooms when occasional pressing is needed. Chrome. 6" long bracket for use on doors up to 1-3/4" thick.

Item SKU: 90617-05

Dimensions: 25.00"L x 13.00"W x 6.00"H
Assembly Difficulty Rating:  



When a quick ironing job is all that's needed, the ironing mat by Whitmor is the perfect solution. This easy to fold ironing mat stores conveniently in your closet, or can be carried in your car or packed in a suitcase.…



HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Wide Top Cover and Pad replaces worn out cover and pads for wide top ironing boards. This replacement cover includes a sewn on 4 mm fiber pad.  It has a bungee cord edging for great fit. The cover best fits ironing boards that are 18 in. wide x 48-49 in. long, like HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS brand ironing boards. This natural cover won't transfer cover and has NANOMAX stain and scorch protection. …



Fast and efficient ironing happens on this compact HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Table Top Ironing Board with steel top and Trellis Cover. It's a small ironing board with 12 x 30 inch steel mesh ironing surface for use with steam irons. The attached cotton cover and fiber pad are sewn together for less slipping and sliding--making ironing easier. A retractable iron rest keeps hot irons handy and safely off the ironing board surface while you work. Perfect for quick apartments, college dorms, bedrooms, laundry rooms and touch ups: this small board is simply a miniature steel mesh ironing board. Stores behind doors, under beds, or hangs with included over-the-door hook.

OPEN: 8.5 H x 12 W x 30 D in.
CLOSED: 35.5 L x 12 W x 1.5 D in.
IRONING SURFACE: 12 x 30 in.
WEIGHT: 4.2 lbs.…



Replacement Cover and pads make ironing day fresh new. These thermo-reflect cover and pads are suited for the Deluxe AirBoard (72589-1). Each piece includes a combined cover and pad for a smoother ironing experience. The 3mm foam padding creates a matte-free surface. The cover has Leifheit's fine thermo-reflect technology, which shows off the best of German engineering. It boosts iron performance by reflecting steam and heat. This reflected heat means that each pass of your iron does more, cutting down your overall ironing time.  This cover fits boards that are 55 x 15 inches wide…



Organize your ironing accessories and save valuable storage space in your laundry room or utility closet with the Over the Door Iron and Ironing Board Holder. This versatile laundry room organizer fits on doors up to 1 5/8-inch thick and provides convenient storage for an iron and collapsed ironing board. Generous round storage hooks support a T-leg or Y-leg style ironing board. Contoured wire iron holder supports iron by the handle allowing you to hang your iron while it's still hot so it can easily cool. Storage caddy also has additional wire loop for neatly containing iron cord. Ideal for keeping your ironing necessities stored conveniently together and saving precious storage space in a laundry room bedroom or utility closet.   6.5 x 10 x 15 inches…



The AFER GRANDE Steel Mesh Wide Top Ironing Board makes quick work of ironing with its large, matte-free ironing surface, 3 mm fiber pad, and stylish blue cotton cover with ironing icons printed down the center. It's a modern ironing board with classic function.  Perfect for steam irons, the steel mesh top lets steam permeate clothing.  The fiber pad gives a smooth surface without blocking steam.  And its spot-on color with silver tri-leg, steel iron rest, and coordinated blue cover makes it a suble and lovely addition to your laundry day.  Lightweight and agile, it moves well, adjust easily with a lever on the underside of the board, and fits most irons--even large ones.  Adjust the wings in the iron rest to fit your iron.  This steel wide top ironing board is 37.8 inches tall with a tapered ironing surface that is 16 x 49 inches.  Folded up, the ironing board is 60 inches tall x 19.5 inches wide x 3 inches thick.…



This space saving 144336 HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Bronze Over-the-Door Ironing Board makes ironing simple and convenient. The board hooks over the top of residential or commercial doors, keeping the ironing board handy and out of the way. Simply pull down the board to use it, and press the lever once and watch the board close itself. The Over-The-Door style ironing board fits perfectly in busy households, in walk-in closets and baths, and on the back of bedroom doors. The bronzed steel frame is elegant, making this compact ironing board a great choice for a board that might be seen. The bronze cover has a slight shimmer and is stain and scorch resistant. The 14 x 41 inch steel top ironing surface is perfect for use with steam irons. The fiber pad and 100% cotton cover ensure a smooth and durable ironing surface. The board sticks out approx. 43.3 inches from the door when open and approx. 2 inches from the door when closed. Rubberized end caps help protect your door and stabilize the board during ironing. A metal iron holder on top of the frame even keeps the iron handy.…



Leifheit's AirBoard Compact Tabletop Ironing Board is feather-light--unlike anything you've ever seen!  It is practically weightless!  And still, it provides a highly effective ironing surface to smooth out lines and wrinkles in your favorite garments.  Streamlined, compact, and unbelievably lightweight.  The AirBoard Compact Table fits everywhere.  With its thickness of 3.54 in (9 cm), it can easily be stored between the closet and wall and still have the comfort of a larger ironing board. 

Its surface is equipped with special Thermo-Reflect-Technology, which reflects the heat of the iron instead of letting it escape. This way, laundry gets ironed from underneath and above at the same time. This reduces your ironing time by 33% and improves your ironing results. The 28.75 in x 11.8 in (73 x 30 cm) big ironing surface is made with a special extra light plastic; the shoulder form eases the ironing of blouses and T-shirts. Soft feet that are safe and non-slip provides a good stance, even on slippery surfaces. The AirBoard Tabletop Ironing Board is a compact ironing table that is perfectly suitable for quick ironing at home, in the RV, on the boat, or in the dorm.…



HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Dark Bamboo Ironing Board proves that an ironing board can be pretty and effective. This stylish ironing board is classic in function but modern in its materials. The board has 35 mm dark stained bamboo legs, an attached bronze steel iron rest with wings that adjust to fit any size iron, plastic flex cord minder, and a shimmery toast colored cover with silicone scorch protection. The cotton cover includes a sewn in 5 mm fiber pad for a cushioned ironing surface that does not slip or slide. Perfect for bedrooms, laundry rooms, and even to pull into the middle of the living room! This artful board is understated and beautiful. The board is 31-37 inches tall with a 14 x 54 inch ironing surface. Closed, the board is 64 inches tall x 14.5 inches wide x 3 inches deep. It weighs 13.95 lbs.…



Convenience and storage at their best. A multi purpose laundry organizer perfect for your laundry room. Keep it all together with the over-the-door Iron and Ironing Board Holder. Unique design holds both iron and board neatly out of the way on any door (up to 1-5/8"W).   4.4 x 9.6 x 18.8 inches…



Household Essentials's Ironing Board Holder mounts on the wall or over the door for versatile, convenient storage. It's sturdy, metal hooks hold t-leg or 4-leg ironing boards! And a wide hook on top also stores your iron--safely and securely. Show your ironing board the same care you show your clothes with this ironing board and iron holder. Storing your board properly keeps it cleaner, steadier, and functional longer. It's an easy investment that extends the life and utility of your favorite ironing board. And it keeps it out of the way, which can be handy.  The ironing board holder measures 15.5 inches high, 11 inches wide, and 4.5 inches deep.…



HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Ultra Reversible cover and pad is made of durable, 100% cotton. Its one-piece construction ensures proper alignment and a smoother ironing experience. With an ultra thick 6mm fiber pad, the Ultra Reversible series provides enhanced comfort and efficiency for standard ironing boards. With a tailored side edging that fits the cover and pad to the board and a bungee cord binding, the Ultra Reversible cover and pad is easy to install.  The anchored, tailored fit also ensures that every cover aligns correctly—and stays that way. The exclusive tailored nose provides a snug, tight fit that keeps you ironing securely day after day.  Or less often. The Ultra Reversible also features, as its name suggests, two ironing surface options, so you can reverse your cover as the mood strikes you. One side features a Blue Diagonal print with the Sparkle finish. The other side features a Solid Silver with protective silicone coating. This cover is 18 inches wide and 58.5 inches long and fits standard boards that are 13-15 inches wide and 53-54 inches long.…



Household Essentials Euro Arch T-Leg Ironing Board modernizes the classic ironing board, giving it an style upgrade via a sleek silver steel frame, arched foot that blends the stability of the 4-leg and the simplicity of the t-leg, and coordinated accent pieces to bring out the geometric prints on the one-piece cover and pad.  This ironing board handles well, opening and closing with a level press.  It adjusts between 4 height settings (33, 35, 37, and 39 inches high) using the same lever.  Its unique stance adapts well to both carpeting and smooth surfaces. The board's steel frame is 35 mm in diameter and has blue plastic caps to protect floors and give the feet better grip on floors.  The colorful caps complement the geometric piping print on the cover. The Euro Arch T-Leg stands 33-39 inches high (with 4 height settings at 2 inch increments), 14 inches wide, and 54 inches long, and weighs 10.8 lbs.  It comes with a DELUXE cotton cover with 5 mm fiber pad.…



Household Essentials's Silicone Iron Rest Pad helps protect your ironing board cover from scorching. This simple, silicone pad protects any surface from excessive heat. It withstands temperatures up to 428°F, so you can iron comfortably and have a safe place to rest your iron while you rearrange your clothes.  And because the iron rest isn't fixed, you can place wherever fits best for you.  It's versatile protection where you want it.

Use it to protect your vanity and bathroom counters from hot flat irons and curing irons too!…



Convenience and storage at their best. Perfect for your laundry room, this single basket holds an iron and starch while the ironing board hangs below. The large basket keeps everything handy and the unique handle slot accommodates most styles of irons. The hook will hold both "T" and "Y" style ironing boards and can be removed for use as a storage basket. Mounting hardware included. …



Over-the-door Ironing Board, White / Blue.  A space-saving ironing board that can be easily hung over any standard door for convenient, yet hidden ironing solution. Smoothly folds up and down and locks when upright for safety. Over-the-door hooks feature cushion bumpers to protect your door from scratches or dents. The ironing surface measures 42"L by 14"W. Overall measurement is 47"L by 17"W. Includes a 7mm foam pad and 100% cotton ironing board cover in blue for a smooth ironing surface. Great for small spaces, easy to use and store quickly.…