HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Cotton Clothesline 2 Pack is a sturdy clothesline made of natural cotton fibers. The smooth line won't snag clothes or damage delicate material. Perfectly sized for running clotheslines, this 2 x 100' of 3/16" natural cotton cord lets you take full advantage of the warmer months. Use extra length to tie up your tomato plants and everyone is happy.

This versatile cotton clothesline even makes a great emergency rope to keep in the car!

Key Product Features:

  • Set of 2 packs of 100-ft cotton clothesline
  • Ideal for crafting!
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • 100% cotton
  • 1/16" diameter
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HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS Cotton Clothesline 2 Pack is a sturdy clothesline made of natural cotton fibers. The smooth line won't snag clothes or damage delicate material. Perfectly sized for running clotheslines, this 2 x 100' of 3/16" natural cotton cord lets you take full advantage of the warmer months. Use extra length to tie up your tomato plants and everyone is happy.

This versatile cotton clothesline even makes a great emergency rope to keep in the car!…



Take air drying to new levels with this indoor/outdoor freestanding dryer. The Tower 200 Deluxe has 66’/20m of drying space, enough to accommodate up to 2 machine loads! 2 holders for small items extend your drying space even more, as does the soft dry mesh for delicates. With multiple levels of drying space and adjustable levels to allow for longer and short garments, this tower might be the most adaptable dryer yet.
  Rust resistant and easy to use, this air dryer is ideal for clothing, linens, and more. Moreover, it fits inside showers, so you can dry even sodden garments without having to clean up water spots later. Featuring stainless steel coated rods, this tower is sturdy and user friendly. With snap lock hangers and a laundry pin bag, it is air drying made simple.
  Tower 200 Deluxe Details: Indoor/Outdoor freestanding air dryer Environmentally friendly Enough drying space for 2 machine loads Adjustable height levels to accommodate shorter and longer items Fits into showers Stainless steel coated rods 2 holders for small items Snap lock hangers Soft dry mesh for delicates Laundry pin bag
Dimensions: 59”h x 26”w x 24”d 150cm x 66cm x 61cm …



Yes, a lot of us still use clothespins. Where do you store them when not in use? This canvas bag is of sturdy construction due to a wire frame. Great for metal, wooden or plastic clothespins. Includes a hook to hang the bag on the line keeping it close in hand. Drying on a line saves on your power bill. It also prevents shrinkage and fading due to high dryer temperatures. Take it easy on your clothes and on you! …



These brightly colored clips are fashionable as well as functional. They can ornament while fastening a bag lunch, decorate while hanging your laundry, celebrate while showcasing a child's artwork. Remember in the movies how the leading character would simply sing and all the birds would lighten the work load? Indulge in the fantasy. Who says a practical object cannot also be fun?…



HOUSEHOLD ESSENTIALS 5-Line Retractable Clothesline System includes Household Essentials 5-Line Retractable Clothesline (15-7) and Single Post Assembly (42-0).  The 5-Line unit measures 6.5 inches high, 36.5 inches wide, and 8 inches deep--but it extends to 34 feet and provides a massive 170 feet of drying space.  The Post Assembly is 84 inches high with a 2 inch diameter.  With all this, you have everything you need to get started air-drying your clothing and linens. The retractable clothesline mounts to a stationary vertical surface. The post assembly is the second anchor, the piece you set up to hold your clothesline when you are ready to hang your clothes out to dry. This retractable system releases easily for smooth retraction into a protective aluminum case that keeps the line dry and clean. A tightening knob keeps lines taut and tangle free.  It's the complete system so you can start saving money by and enjoying the freshness of line drying. Set Includes: 5-Line Dryer + 2 lag screws for mounting (to wood) Receiver Bracket Post Assembly + 2 screws for mounting receiver bracket (to post) …



Find a true retractable clothesline here with the Rollifx Retracting Clothesline. This retractable line mounts between any two opposite walls or surfaces. It has 5 lines that extend to 13 1/3’, providing nearly 69’ of drying space. As lines are set and used, the clothesline can be adjusted and tightened through the use of a thumb screw on one side of the line mount. When the retractable clothesline is not in use, the line automatically winds up, keeping your line clean, tangle-free, and out of the way.
  Hang a retractable clothesline in the bathroom over the tub. Place another in the laundry room. Put one on the sunny side of the porch. Retractable lines are also ideal for basements, garages, and RVs as they provide the most drying potential in the least amount of space.
  Rollfix Retracting Clothesline Details: Indoor/Outdoor air dryer Environmentally friendly Fits anywhere between opposite walls 5 lines extend to 13 1/3 feet (nearly 69’ of hanging space) Automatic windaway when not in use Retractable lines Lines tightened be thumb screw
Accessories (packed inside): Fixing screws Hooks Wall plugs Instructions
Dimensions: 3”h x 18.9”w x 65.4”l 7.6cm x 48cm x 166.1cm …



Household Essentials Galvanized Steel T-Post has a one-piece, 2-inch diameter center post! This makes the tall center pole stronger and stops the pole from twisting and turning.  The 32 inch wide cross bar attaches to the top of the pole and includes eyelet screws to anchor up to 7 lines of clothesline (clothesline sold separately).  The galvanized steel is rust-resistant, unlike untreated steel posts. This helps your set up last longer--important since you are concreting it into the ground!  Once installed, the top of the 90 inch t-post will be approx. 6.5 feet tall (or lower if installed deeper in the ground). This clothesline pole includes pole endcaps and all hardware necessary to set up a single post (additional posts sold separately; typically 2 posts are required to set up a clothesline).  So hang loads and loads of laundry, one after another or all at once!  This fellow can handle it. So you get sun-kissed laundry, a lower electric bill, and an easier time hanging up the laundry.  Win.

This is a single T-Post only; clothesline and additional post(s) sold separately.…



Household Essentials's Aluminum Clothesline Tightener helps tighten a sagging clothesline. Fight the inevitable effects of gravity on your lines by fixing this tightener to them. The tightener draws the line in, tightening it without forcing you to restring. Use it with fixed line or pulley systems and never mess with burdensome knots again! Thread your line through the spring-loaded center and pull the clothesline to tighten. 3 ball bearings grip your line keeping it taut and the spring action center prevents it from slipping. Say no to sag and yes to Household Essentials's Aluminum Clothesline Tightener.…



The Portable Umbrella Dryer allows clothes to dry naturally.  This no-hassle dryer comes pre-strung and ready to install.  With its two-piece aluminum center post with snap lock and tripod base that extends to 52", this dryer is stable.  Easily opening and closing like an inverted umbrella, it stores and travels effortlessly.  Place it in the sun and brighten your whites or move it to the shade to keep colors from fading.  Use it at home or take it with you when you travel; this portable dryer goes where you need it.   Details: No-rust aluminum center pole comes in 2 pieces.   Tripod base extends to 52" for added stability.   Completely prestrung and ready for installation.   Single slide action opens and closes dryer like an inverted umbrella.   Folds completely for storage.   Aluminum upper structure and tripod base. 3 section-6 line 64' drying space.     Dimensions: 72”h x 52”w x 52”d 182.9cm x 132cm x 132cm     Tips: Oversized tripod base stabalizes dryer; balance clothing on all sides to prevent tipping.  Great solution for small compact areas where you want to use natural energy.…



Embrace the feel of the beautiful outdoors for your laundry with this 5-Line Retractable Dryer.  Benefiting from natures energy, clothes and linens dry naturally on a massive 170' of line space.  This 5-line system extends to 34' and releases easily for smooth retraction into a protective aluminum case that keeps the line dry and clean.  A tightening knob keeps lines taut and tangle free.  Its lightweight and heavy-duty construction make this full size retractable line perfect for outdoor or indoor use.  Mount it on a wall outdoors, in the garage or basement, or on the porch.  Be environmentally and economically intentional and delight in the freshness of line-dried laundry.  Go on—make Grandma proud.   Details: Light weight and heavy duty construction, use indoors or outdoors.  Aluminum casing keeps clothesline clean and dry.  Large knob keeps lines taut and tangle free.  Smaller knob locks clothesline and releases easily for retraction.  Can be mounted on a wall outdoors, in the garage, basement or laundry room.  Extends to 34'. Provides 170' of drying space.   Dimensions: 6.5"l x 36.5"w x 8"d 16.5cm x 92.7cm x 20.3cm     Tips: Dryer can be mounted on a wall outdoors, in the garage or basement, on the porch. …



The Household Essentials® Plastic Clothesline Spreader gets rid of tangles clotheslines. Designed for use with pulley systems, this plastic spreader keeps lines untangles and features polypropylene wheels and frame that prevent wear on your line. The lightweight plastic is weather resistant and won't cause undue sagging, so your line stays taut and untangled. Hang laundry without the bother of first unknotting your line thanks to the simple, but effective, Plastic Clothesline Spreader.  Now you can find some other use for those precious minutes (or hours, depending on wind conditions).…



Household Essentials Clothesline Prop is a handy support for sagging and dipping clothesline.  The 85-inch (approx. 7-foot) long telescoping steel pole fits under your already hung clothesline to give it additional support in the middle.  Its height adjusts to match the height of your clothesline.  And its tapped end creates a stake-mounting for extra stability.  It is a perfect accessory for lines that are hard to tighten or that have stretched out from years of good use.  The support pole has a sturdy, high-impact threaded eyelet cap that the clothesline fits into.  That threading keeps the line from slipping off, so your laundry stays at the right height.  So hang your clothesline and use it well.  And when you need to, give it a lift with the clothesline prop.  The prop measures 85 inches high and  1. 75 inches in diameter.

Note: The clothesline prop is not meant to be used to hang clothesline; a standard clothesline post or T-post should be used to hang clothesline initially. …



Take environmentally conscious line drying to the next level with the Parallel Dryer.  Its flat top design, with a pivoting top, makes hanging your laundry convenient as every inch of line is evenly within reach!  The no-rust galvanized two-piece steel center is sturdy and fits securely into the ground sleeve, providing excellent stability that also lets you take down your line during inclement weather (protecting your dryer from the elements and keeping your line cleaner).  The high impact plastic post cap and slide resist wear, keeping your line nice and functioning over time.  And since, unlike your shoes, it comes pre-strung, you can pop it up, set it up, load it up, and hang it out to dry.   Details: Same level line for easy access.   Pivoting square top brings every space within reach.   No-rust galvanized steel center post (1.5" diameter) comes in 2 pieces.     Completely pre-strung and ready for installation.  Single action opens and closes dryer.   Folds compactly to store.   High impact plastic post cap and slide resist wear.   Fun and attractive ground sleeve for easy dryer set up and removal included. Steel upper structure 30 lines, 210' drying space     Dimensions: 72”h x 72”w x 84”d 182.9cm x 182.9cm x 213.4cm     Tips: It is recommended that the ground sleeve be set in concrete for added stability. Make sure wet clothes are balanced, and never leave dryer in use unattended for long periods of time.  Collapse empty dryer during stormy weather.…



Household Essentials 5-inch Clothesline Pulley keeps laundry within reach and sliding smoothly.  This rust-resistant plastic pulley has a UV-inhibitor finish that extends the life of your pulley.  It's durable, with superb tensile strength (it resists wear and tear!) and weather resistance.  Perfect for stringing up a single looped line or creating them in series, this pulley helps make laundry day less of a chore.  The pulley measures 6 inches high, 6 inches wide, and 1.165 inches deep.…



You've seen these in hotel rooms. The retractable clothes line is great in a pinch when you have just a few things to hang. Works in the bath for underwear and stockings as it is very unobtrusive when not in use.  Best used for light loads. Extends to 8ft. Has a locking mechanism. Chrome.…



Benefit from the ease and convenience of a multi-line retractable clothesline inside with this space-saving 5-Line Retractable Mini Dryer.  Perfect for lightweight laundry, this compact line extends to 12', providing 60' of drying space.  Molded of high impact plastic, its durable casing wipes clean with a damp cloth and keeps your clothesline pristine.  A tension control knob keeps the lines taut and the easy retracting mechanism keeps lines tangle free.  With its simple installation (all hardware include, of course), you are ready to begin reaping the benefits of line drying now.  Enjoy the freshness, the good feel of going green, and the decrease in your utility bills.  Go on, let it all hang out.
Recommended for lightweight indoor use.
Extends to 12', providing 60' drying space.
Clothesline retracts easily and remains tangle free.
Tension control knob keeps lines taut.
MD-61 mini dryer is molded of high impact plastic and wipes clean with a damp cloth.
Easy installation, all hardware included.
  Dimensions: 2.5"h x 16.5"w x 2.75"d
6.47cm x 41.9cm x 7cm
Great solution for lightweight laundry needs.  Not recommended for heavy garments.