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Combat bin odour with these replacement odour filters for use with our waste and recycling units.

Designed to help eliminate unpleasant odours, these replacement odour filters ensure that you don’t need to remove a half-empty bag just because of the smell. The carbon filter is discreetly integrated into the underside of the lid, and is quick and easy to change.

• Made with activated carbon

• Helps absorb unpleasant odours

• Suitable for use with Totem waste and recycling bins

• Pack of 2

Item SKU: 30005

Dimensions: 4.25"L x 6.50"W x 0.75"H



We don't know about you but we are always searching at the last minute for a nice way to hang some candlelight from the deck railing the porch rafters and the living room ceiling. Here's the answer: simple beautiful functional S Hooks. Made of stainless steel for unlimited durability in all kinds of weather, each one is about a foot long. Hook together as many as you like to bring your candlelight to just the right height.…



Design Ideas was the first company to introduce desk accessories from expanded metal mesh... today we remain the industry leader in developing innovative new styles for every room in the home and office.…



Over the door organization gets a bright boost with Household Essentials 6-Pouch Pocket Pantry and Closet Organizer.  It makes grab-and-go sorting and organization simple and efficient thanks to its easy-access pockets and outward tapered design.  And its narrow footprint (just 15 inches wide) means it fits on narrow linen closet doors too!).  With hooks for residential (1.5 inches deep) and commercial (2 inches deep) door, its a versatile storage solution.  Each storage pocket is narrower at the base, with a top that cants out.  Snack bags, socks, wash cloths slide in and out with ease.  The long organizer has 3 shallow pockets that are 5 inches deep and 3 deeper pockets that are 7 inches deep.  Plastic side inserts and a fabric lined fiberboard base give each pocket extra support and structure.  This colorful organizer is perfect for creating extra storage in the gap right behind a closet door.  So waste less space and keep the right things in reach--in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in linen closets, bedrooms, and more, with the over-the-door 6-Pouch Pocket Pantry and Closet Organizer.…



Save the date in style with our Coronet calendar. Made of brass coated steel, this trendy perpetual calendar will easily warm up your desk or shelf. Two magnetic markers are included to indicate the appropriate day and date.…



Clasp the tab to the inside cover of your favorite novel and instantly transform it into a fascinating and invisible bookend. Use both Hidden bookends to anchor your storybook setting on a bookshelf. A thoughtful gift for the book lover or literary enthusiast.…



This dual doorstop and letter organizer will help you organize your letters and prop open office doors. Snail mail has never been so functional…



Going back to school will be a snap with the eight-piece Back to School Room and Laundry Home Organization Kit. This blue closet organizer kit features everything you need to wash, transport and organize your wardrobe in a convenient pack. The over-the-door shoe rack easily keeps 12 pairs of shoes organized. An eight-shelf closet organizer is perfect for storing your folded clothing items and accommodates the coordinated storage drawers for loose accessories and supplies. A pop-open hamper to keep all of your dirty laundry in and a mesh laundry bag complete the set. All of the items in the Honey-Can-Do Back to School Home Organization Kit are made of sturdy, woven fabrics that are easy to clean and care for and all of the items in this closet organizer fold flat, so they're easy to store.…



We assemble our Branch collection by slicing cross sections of tree branches that would otherwise be burned then sizing the individual slices to form a kind of natural parquet pattern. No two pieces are the same. Our Branch tabletop pieces have a felt backing and should be cleaned with a damp cloth.…



The standing jewelry armoire features an easily tiltable 12" x 42.5" front mirror, an ultra soft interior lining designed to protect stored items, and can even be mounted on the wall. The armoire features a number of storage options, including 32 pair earring holders, 19 necklace hooks, a ring holder, six bracelet/watch holders, seven compartment trays, and two pouches. The interior has automatic LED lights (requires 3 AAA batteries, not included), and the door features a key lock so your items will always be secure. …



Start the day with a simple task that says you are in charge, open and ready for business. Flip the colorfully painted MDF blocks to designate the correct date and month. In this increasingly digitized world, we need objects we can touch and feel. No need for glasses; the ThreeSixFive Calendar never hides the date from you.…



Make an architectural element part of your indoor decor. Made of epoxy-coated iron, this sturdy bridge will provide a safe passage for candles, potted plants, or other curios you wish to display. Includes hardware for wall mounting and EVA-padded feet for shelf or table display.…



This is one fallen leaf you won't want to sweep away. This soft plastic leaf looks like it could blow away but it's weighted and perfectly shaped to wedge under your door. Change the colors with the seasons.…



Copper has a long history of use in the home but never before has it looked so modern. Our designers have transformed this common material into attractive, functional organization items you'll want to display. Lincoln storage pieces combine a bright cheerful copper-finished metal with simple lines and minimalist shapes to help you tidy up your space in style.…



It looks and feels like paper but in fact this wallet is made from an indestructible synthetic.As stylish as it is slim and portable this little case will hold your most essential items without cramping your style.…



There is no need to water plants daily when you have this helpful squirrel to monitor for you. The squirrel indicates the water level and the rope inside acts as an artificial root keeping your plants happy and healthy.…



MightyStor Large Tote is a large storage bag. It is made of a sturdy polypropylene tarp material that is durable and withstands extremes of temperature and use. Moisture-resistant, tear-resistant, and flexible, it is perfect for storage and hauling.  It is sized for mobility and has 4 handles--1 on each side. Its durable zipper makes it easy to get into. Lightweight yet hardy, the MightyStor Tote Bag provides incredibly strong and rugged storage so your things stay protected on the boat, in the cabin, or in the garage!  This large tote storage bag is 26 inches high, 30 inches wide, and 12 inches deep.…